John and Jody spent 21 days hunting in South Africa. On this video you can see John’s amazing buffalo hunt. We spend 7 days looking specifically for an old bull. When we finally found him [More]
Hunting crocodile and hippo are way more exciting than most people think. These animals are wide awake and will slip into the water when hunters are detected. Join Hunter Herbert with RW Safaris where they [More]
Cape Buffalo Hunt with Infinito Safaris and client Larry Swartz, the hunt took place on the Southern Border of the Kruger park and was an example of a text book perfect buffalo hunt.
Hunting lion on foot in the Kalahari with Spiral Horn Safaris
Kalahari Lion Hunting with Cape to Cairo Safaris. (Track and Stalk)
Follow Boss Safaris client as he pursues the African Lion on foot in the North West Province of South Africa.
Hunting Elephant in the Limpopo Province / South Africa.
We join Andre as he guides his client in the Kalahari for Lion and Plainsgame PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR MORE AMAZING CONTENT African Safari Films Capturing your Adventure as it unfolds. Having your [More]
Hunting lions in South Africa with Mkulu Safaris. This lion hunting video shows impact shots and if you do not like hunting, and in particular not lion hunting, please do not watch this video.
Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed of going on a safari to witness how wildlife lived in their natural habitat. Well, after seeing some safaris gone wrong, I have changed my mind. [More]
SV Safaris in CH1/ Botswana has some incredible game and huge elephant.
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Bow Hunting of Sable with Motsomi Safaris in South Africa, for more info please visit
Elephant biology and elephant hunting is described by Professional Hunter Nathan Askew. The hunting of these animals pays for the conservation of the species and their habitat. The number of mature male elephant that we [More]
Travis and Gina hunt Lion and Plainsgame in the Kalahari with Lew Harris Safaris
Cape Buffalo Hunting, Elephant Hunting, Lion Hunting. Experience impact shots on Africa’s most dangerous animals. BoschNel Safaris offers the true African experience for any and all outdoorsmen.
Born out of passion, over 5 generations in the tradition of a True African Safari. H&J Safaris will be returning your Safari to the ways of our Fore Fathers. H&J Safaris proud ourselves with the [More]
The first of a three-hunt bow hunting series in Namibia, 2014 at Agagia Hunting Safaris. Follow me on Instagram for daily hunting content!
Hunting the Big Five with Limcroma Safaris combines the extreme thrill of hunting dangerous game without the hassle of traveling to rural countries and spending several days to get to your final hunting destination. Luxurious [More]
This is a great video done by our guide Deon Dicks when guiding with Island Safaris. Hope you enjoy! CONTACT: 1-877-9-SAFARI or