On this kayak duck hunt I headed out to a public land lake here in Texas for my first solo hunt of the 2020 waterfowl season. I had been looking forward to trying out the [More]
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Removal tour redfishraj@gmail.com Iguana man Instagram https://instagram.com/iguana_man_fl?igshid=ujpth0obgf09 Today is the grand finale of our amazing bow and arrow hunt with Iguana Rambo a.k.a. Jack this adventure was by far one of my most memorable experiences [More]
Sneaking up on pigs/hogs in my kayak n lever action 12ga shotty.
Hunting pigs using a kayak on an Australian Outback Billabong.
Join Joseph Classen on another kayak camping and bow hunting solo adventure in southern Missouri. Learn about the camping gear and hunting gear that Joe used for this trip as he shares tips for hunting [More]
A slooooow day hunting ducks from the kayak using the Yakgear Ambush Blind and one dozen decoys.
I strike out in my kayak one last time late in the season to try and hunt down some delicious frogs with my homemade blowgun. The hunt is tough but I’m able to bag a [More]
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I head out to a completely different part of the state to try my luck bow hunting on a new piece of public land. It’s a kayak hunting access piece, so I took my Nucanoe [More]
The Alabama deer season kicked off heavy! Although the deer movement was excellent, nothing just seemed to go my way as far as shot opportunities. Well, things change! In this video you’ll see me put [More]
With the Virginia duck hunting late season officially in full swing and temperatures dropping I headed to a large beaver pond to try a solo kayak duck hunt. I had been primarily seeing mallards, gadwall, [More]
Order some apparel!: https://www.outdoorlimitsshop.com I got off work early and decided to post up on a lake point to see if there are any ducks in the area. I took my Old Town Topwater 120 [More]