In this video Craig Boddington shows you how to locate an Elephant and approve for a clean shot.
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Hunting African elephants with guns An African is a coordination of two living elephant species, the African bush elephant and the smaller African forest elephant. Both are herbivores and live in groups. It can be [More]
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Zimbabwe is planning to sell hunting rights for endangered elephants in their forests. The move is aimed at shoring up the tourism industry which has been hit by COVID-19 pandemic. #Zimbabwe #Elephant #HuntingRights About Channel: [More]
500 Elephants have been put on sale in Zimbabwe for ‘trophy hunting’. Tourism authorities say they need money. Activists say the mammal is already getting extinct. Who will help the world’s most empathetic species?WION’s Palki [More]
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Hosts Steve Scott in North America’s first all African television series. Follow Steve Scott and his guests, as they bring you the very best hunting the African continent has to offer. From the mighty African [More]
Elefantenjagd mit einer 700er Nitro Rifle Hunting Huge Elephants with a Elefantenjagd mit 700 Nitro Rifle
After Cecil the lion was killed by an American trophy hunter, the Zimbabwean government has suspended hunting activities for certain animals. Lion expert Gareth Patterson talks about the facts and figures of trophy hunting along [More]
Lions hunting elephants national geographic documentary. Lions hunting elephants documentary of nat geo wild. Lions hunting elephants documentary of nature and wildlife animals. Lions go on the hunting for prey in africa mostly from dusk [More] In this video Craig Boddington shows you the proper location to shoot a elephant at different angles.
Elephant hunting with big bore rifles.
Age of Empires The Rise of Rome Expansion Tutorial: Hunting elephants. Hunting elephants is a vital skill in Age of Empires. Luring elephants to your town center or storage pit will allow you to save [More]
Game [Ps4] : Cabela’s® African Adventures Mode Histoire : A la Chasse à l’Eléphant d’Afrique
Светковине: Пигмеји – лов на слонове
Why do people want to hunt elephants? Alex Crawford joined a professional hunter and his client to find out what drives them to kill such magnificent creatures. They both broke down in tears after needing [More]
Hunting elephants in South Africa with a 375 H&H. It is seldom that elephants drop to the shot. See this amazing shot taken from 23 yards out. BRNO 375 H&H with factory load Hornady solid [More]
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