A few of my bowhunts that I got on video over the past few years. Thank you Sensational Hunting Safaris. Gear used: 82 pound Hoyt Double XL @32.5″ Carbon Core Big Game Nitro 250 shafts [More]
This is more than just a hunting story. This is an opportunity to show what conservation and game management is all about. Bowhunting is a fast-growing sport in Africa, and with a wide variety of [More]
this is a clip of a recent 2017 trip to south Africa with Adriaan Britts and bowhunting safaris south Africa. it was my 4th trip to s. Africa and was the best yet. hope you [More]
Hello everyone thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. That’s a big compilation of kill shots that I threw together of mine and some good buddies harvests. Be sure to please follow them on [More]
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Mark Healey (@healeywaterops) goes bowhunting for Elk in September and shoots a big buck. Filmed by: Matt Hines (@in_hinesight) Edited by Jesse Yonover (jesseyonover.com) #markhealey #healeywaterops #strikemissionswithmarkhealey #elk #hunting #hunt #utah #axisdeer #bowhunting #hunting #sitka
A hunt we did in the middle of the 2020 season amidst the pandemic just as hunting was reopened after lockdown. We had the opportunity on some great animals and made it count.
HEADING TO ALASKA to BROWN BEAR HUNT with my bow is a dream come true! building this crazy heavy and fast arrow! its an X- impact black eagle arrow with a swhacker 100 gr levi [More]
amazing fast bow build. Thank you PSE for helping make these custom 90 lb limbs! getting a bow to shoot this fast is crazy! Follow us on INSTAGRAM! @bowmarbowhunting & @bowmar_archery EDITED BY: Bryce Meis [More]
An action packed episode! I embark on this bowhunting adventure in the Limpopo Province of South Africa in the Steenbokpan area. On this trip I’ll be using my Mathews VXR 31.5 set on 75.2# and [More]
Paul Korn & Tim Gass of A-1 Archery & Tombstone Creek Outfitting are in South Africa with Numzaan Safaris hunting Plains Game and each take a mature Baboon with archery equipment. This video has very [More]
Bow Hunting near Pongola – South Africa (Warthog Bow Hunt) #bowhunt #warthog #killshots #SouthAfrica #hunting
For those of us who live the bow hunting lifestyle, hunting season never truly ends. We devise ways to spread those sacred months across an entire year. Some hunters scout obsessively, pouring over aerial imagery [More]
WARNING Graphic Content – 60 Shots In 2 Minutes (ULTIMATE Bowhunting Compilation). An awesome collaboration of sick shots over some years. Note: All of these animals were taken legally. Help us grow Archery – https://www.patreon.com/bowhunterplanet [More]
The 2020 New Mexico archery elk season started off kind of slow. Bulls weren’t bugling much which always makes it tough to get on them. Things got better and the bulls began bugling more as [More]
In the second part of our hunting trip to New Zealand Alps we move camps to a different area to search for chamois. The weather changes and we experienced some nasty days with very high [More]
MASSIVE Kudu Bull hunted by #HuntechProStaff Beulah Smit with the New Ravin Crossbow!! This Kudu Bull was hunted at Nimeng Safaris in South Africa.
Hunting Hogs with a Bow in Georgia !
Bow Hunting the oldest buck on the farm with a bow is not easy! Hunting these old smart bucks takes a lot of preparation and patience, but when it finally comes together all the hard [More]
2021 turkey season is here! This video show some of our best turkey footage from 2020, gotta love some epic turkey head shots. Follow us on INSTAGRAM! @bowmarbowhunting & @bowmar_archery EDITED BY: Bryce Meis To [More]
This was a hunt for a very old Giraffe bul using my bow and arrow. I used a Hoyt Carbon RX3 Ultra set at 81 lbs and a 840 grain Easton FMJ Dangerous Game arrow [More]