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This was by far the toughest hunt I’ve had in a while. Complete and total lack of cover and swirling winds made stalking into bow range nearly impossible. Unfortunately, I didn’t capitalize on my opportunity [More]
Come along for a visit to Muncho Lake, BC and a Aug 23,2021 opening day moose hunt.
The Third Ever Death by Bunjie “Meat & Greet” was a rousing success in my book despite LIMB BREAKAGES and other setbacks! Bunjie saves the day, and the Scorpyd Deathstalker otherwise known as Bunjie the [More]
Mark Peterson arrives in Zambia greeted by and amazing celebration of hosts. Day 1’s challenge is to create a Machon and harvest bait to set in the hopes of drawing in a mature lion. A [More]
This channel is about my love of the crossbow, hunting, and the outdoors. I hunt exclusively with the crossbow. I love it and I aim to help you love it, too! Check out my book! [More]
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Join South African trophy hunter Frikkie Botha as he hunts Spotted Hyena, a huge Cape Eland, and Cape Buffalo. Fantastic hunting safari captured in HD video with action camera footage and English narration. This is [More]
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On Christmas eve of last year I loaded my truck up and took a quick duck hunting trip down to the Texas coast. This has been an area I’ve wanted to hunt since I got [More]
All the best bits from the last hunt out west with Dad. Also a link to Olight products: 12% off code except discounted product: HWS10
Don’t forget subscribe for future Uploaded!!! Credit – Ravindu Sahimal More VIDEO’s 👉👉THIS IS HOW WILD CAT MATING | AMAZING REACTION​ 👉👉 An Elephant having a Long & lot of pee​​​​​ 👉👉OTTERS EATING [More]
Deer hunting pinchpoints and funnels us a critical hunting strategy. In fact, is there ever a time that you should not be hunting a pinchpoint or a funnel? Hunting a big buck cruising funnel is [More]
At a permission to help the landowner with Rabbits that are eating his tree saplings
A hunting trip out to a new location proves to be very fruitful as we get to work with a pair of new PCPS to sort out a pest problem! AAHSA Merch now available! USA: [More]
Tana and her daughter are on an adventure that they will never forget. DIY Brown Bear Hunt, all Alone in the Alaskan wilderness. This is Julia’s first big game animal. All bear hunting in the [More]
Hog hunting during the day time and nighttime with a mix of Smith & Wesson Performance Center firearms ranging from an MP10 in 6.5 Creedmoor, 44 Mag Stealth Hunter and the .460XVR For more be [More]
We are on the hunt again for deer in this NSW state forest hunt. We had a great time in search of fallow and Sambar. Enjoy the adventure. ———-Links———- Patreon: Website: Spotify: [More]