J Alain sorts out a huge Cape buffalo hiding in the tall thick grass! As dangerous as these situations are with a 2000# angry bull, anything can happen! Check out J Alain’s channel!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqBtLetmpz0E3CtgzMnsYA Shop [More]
This is a second video I have done with the Hadza. I hope the content is good enough to overshadow the bad video and sound quality. In this video I show some of the highlights [More]
Interested in possibly getting curb stomped by nearly half a ton of angry beef? Then this Cape Buffalo hunt is certainly something to tune in to! Join Carnivore EIC Iain Harrison as he revisits South [More]
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Hunting in Masailand, Tanzania is one of the most amazing places to hunt plains game. Masailand have some very special and unique species, like the Lesser Kudu, Fringed-Eared Oryx, White Bearded Wildebeest, Grant’s Gazelle and [More]
Some video footage of our headshot hunting in South Africa. Headshot kills on warthog. Slow motion impact shots. Best hunting headshots, impact shots. #hunting #headshots #killshots #chasse #jagd
Kemp Safaris Archery Hunt South Africa
This was by far the toughest hunt I’ve had in a while. Complete and total lack of cover and swirling winds made stalking into bow range nearly impossible. Unfortunately, I didn’t capitalize on my opportunity [More]
Professional Hunter York Mare looks for clues to help him hunt a big elephant bull in only 3 days. With the help of a blessing from the whitch doctor the hungry local people may be [More]
Hunting crocodile and hippo are way more exciting than most people think. These animals are wide awake and will slip into the water when hunters are detected. Join Hunter Herbert with RW Safaris where they [More]
A great adventure with 2 clients in South Africa buffalo and 24 other species. To book your next hunting safari with Thwane Safari’s Africa go to https://thwanesafarisafrica.com/contact/ To film your next adventure contact us today: [More]
Bow Hunting Africa 2017. Bowhunting in South Africa with African Barefoot Safaris. (http://africanbarefootsafaris.co.za) Part 2 of 5. Interested in hunting in South Africa? Questions? Find out more by emailing Jon at AntlerScore@hotmail.com Part 1 – [More]
Hunting Elephant in the Limpopo Province / South Africa.
This is the fourth part of a multi series about a hunt we did at our Zululand Concession. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! It would mean a lot to me if you subscribed. WEBSITE – https://africanbowhuntingadventures.com [More]
Hunting lions in South Africa with Mkulu Safaris. This lion hunting video shows impact shots and if you do not like hunting, and in particular not lion hunting, please do not watch this video.
We spotted these two large hogs in the distance and decided to have a go at them.
Buffalo hunting (Part 2) – Hunting in Africa – Hunting Buffalo
After 5 days of chasing an incredible buffalo, J. Alain and the Rugged X team are beginning to wonder if this bull is ever going to give them a chance to get a shot at [More]
www.bushveldsafaris.co.za As with many hunters, the Cape Buffalo was top of Rich’s list. After stalking a herd for hours the previous day with no luck, he managed to take down this beast of a trophy [More]