This coyote started barking at us after we were packed up and headed to another field, we turned around and set back up hoping to bring her in, well bringing her in was an understatement, [More]
I talk about 5 tips that I’ve learned over the years about public land duck hunting. They given us a lot of success and I hope they’ll do the same for you.
Link to my satellite text messenger it works anywhere in the world. Here is the gps I use for navigating through the woods.
ఒక సర్కస్ చేసుకునే ఆమెను అది కూడా ప్రేగ్నన్ట్ తో ఉన్న ఆమెను అతి కిరాతకంగా చంపేశారు. తర్వాత తన శవాన్ని మూళ్ళ కంపాలతో కప్పేశారు నిజంగా చాలా బాధాకరమైన విషయం అలా చేయడం😥 తర్వాత ఏమైంది!?నిజంగానే దెయ్యం గా మారిందా!?ఊరి ప్రజలు చెప్పినది నిజమేనా!? అర్థరాత్రి 1:00 [More]
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Armed Bounty hunters kidnap the wrong man and PWC PD and County Attorney refuses to help or press charges. The music is removed so you can hear all the details. New details, as well as [More]
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The story of lion trophy hunters in Africa. Offers a close-up on the world of the controversial ‘sport’ of lion hunting. Give us a like if you enjoyed watching this documentary and kindly subscribe to [More]
Crossbow hunting Blue Wildebeest with Motsomi Safaris in South Africa, for more info please visit
Hey y’all I have a little hunting story for you. Nothing crazy like some of you have had. But I have a couple that are pretty funny. Well At least I think so. Hopefully you [More]
Triple! This is what coyote hunting dreams are made of. Awesome coyote stand where 3 coyotes are called in and 3 coyotes hit the dirt! Equipment Used On Stand: FoxPro CS24C – Swagger Bipods [More]
Hello everyone thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. That’s a big compilation of kill shots that I threw together of mine and some good buddies harvests. Be sure to please follow them on [More]
Join my buddy and I as we hunt in north western Pennsylvania. I hope everyone enjoys the video and be sure to subscribe for more hunting adventures coming soon! Become a Patron of the channel!! [More]
Brandon Evans and Chris Neville are in thin air as they search for mule deer and run into a scarcity of water on an early-season archery hunt in Colorado. GIVEAWAY – For this film, THREE [More]
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This is a step by step, action packed tutorial, that will carefully show and explain all the products that we use and how we use them. I pay special attention to the Black Bellied Whistling [More]
Warb and Hayden find a nest of gobblers on public land in Kentucky! TURKEY CALLS – Get 10% off Woodhaven Calls w/coupon code – THP2018 – DONATE to Turkey Research – MAPPING – [More]
HIPPOPOTAMUS After the elephant and rhinoceros, the hippopotamus is the third-largest type of land mammal and the heaviest extant artiodactyl in the traditional, non-cladistic sense of the term, not including cetaceans. Despite their physical resemblance [More]
Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world. But the highly controversial sport can actually help to protect some of Africa’s most endangered big animals. Here’s how. Find The Economist’s latest coverage of Africa: Sign [More]