Not using a decoy while turkey hunting spring long beards can be a smart decision to help bag that smart gobbler. I will cover some tips and tactics on how/why you should hunt turkeys without [More]
The annual Great Wildebeest Migration has begun and predators are lurking in the bushes to make an easy kill. Lions will usually prey on smaller wildebeests by isolating them from the herd and making a [More]
Bear baiting and bear hunting. My wife Cheri gets her first bear after all these years. It’s a great redemption story.
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So, you’re really interested in tackling an elk hunt, but many questions loom… Where should I go? How do I find hunting spots when I get there? Where am I allowed to hunt? What’s the [More] In this video Craig Boddington shows you how to locate an Elephant and approve for a clean shot.
Subscribe to Ivan’s channel ~~ BOWHUNTING FULL DRAW – TarraDarraKitchen Series Ep 1: Ep 2: Ep 3: Ep 4: Ep 5: your watching it In this video we travel far [More]
This is clips from my 2015 moose hunting trip in northern Sweden which I found on a old hard drive. It was great trip with a good friend of mine. I absolutely love hunting in [More]
Watch hunters bring in coyotes for weighing and university students gather data from the coyotes for various research projects.
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Even though this is Jeff’s first elk you have to give him a lot of credit. He did a ton of shooting, studying and scouting beforehand. Thanks for letting us come and be part of [More]
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Kemp Safaris Archery Hunt South Africa
Two boars, two crossbows. This video analyzes both shots we took at the Third Ever Death by Bunjie “Meat & Greet”. To see why Genevieve was shooting Bunjie III and why I was shooting Bunjie, [More]
We fired up the howls and a serenade and these coyotes came in fast! they were there in no time! the 2nd one got outta there to quick to get a shot! #46 on the [More]
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This video is about Tanzania Safari Sept 2019 – Tarangiri National Park – Lions hunting a zebra
John and Jody spent 21 days hunting in South Africa. On this video you can see John’s amazing buffalo hunt. We spend 7 days looking specifically for an old bull. When we finally found him [More]