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▮ LION HUNTING ZEBRA FAIL | How To Zebra Escape From Lion’s Jaw Description: How to zebra get away from lions hunting Link Video: See more : #WoaVideos #WoaAnimals #KingLion – WOA Animals Video: [More]
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Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed of going on a safari to witness how wildlife lived in their natural habitat. Well, after seeing some safaris gone wrong, I have changed my mind. [More]
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We spotted these two large hogs in the distance and decided to have a go at them.
Name of video changed due to the fact people on here are unable to form a logical thought and or have a sense of humor. If you are offended because this is not an actual [More]
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A pissed off boar charges us while hog hunting and our gun keeps hanging up! The 44 magnum does do the job though…just in the nick of time too! 4 hogs are killed in this [More]
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