American Archer team member Adam Eller heads to Florida to help a friend eradicate feral hogs from his land! Watch American Archer on Outdoor Channel! Show page:
Hunting Bushpig in the Drakensberg Adrenaline-packed Walk-&-Stalk Schnitzels, Nuggets & Cracklings! In this video I am on a bushpig management hunt in the Verkykerskop area of the Drakensberg, South Africa. Bushpigs are wreaking havoc in [More]
This week we hunt with our good buddies in East Texas. This episode is real and not censored, it can be a little graphic but these pigs wreck farmers fields and cost thousands in damages. [More]
Hunting in Texas you are bound to cross paths with a coyote, bobcat and hogs. Hog hunting is just as important as predator hunting when your interest is healthy thriving deer habitat. We used an [More]
This is the same field as the video that was taken in 2018 (Kubecka Flying Service: Helicopter Hog Hunting August 22-23, 2018). The pilot is able to move most of the hogs out of the [More]
Subscribe: US Hog Force: Follow us on and Our gear: After some good rain over the past two weeks, hogs are moving earlier again. We managed to get on a [More]
The Dirt Roads grew in SOUTH CAROLINA HOG HUNTING.This is are first CATCH CLEAN COOK Video. We are hunting at South Carolina Trophy Hunters. So kick back and enjoy the action. Outfitter: Check out [More]
Showing how hogs react to a suppressed AR15 in open fields at night. Silencers donated by Optics donated by Rifle donated by
Thermal Hog hunting in Texas with AR-15 and thermals. Feral hogs are very destructive to farmers and ranchers across the state: we are doing what we can to take back our lands. Calibers we use. [More]
My Instagram black powder cannon using musket caps shooting a mini fridge a 4 yards
Sure, we could buy pork, and turkey in the grocery store but we have much more fun flinging arrows and chasing critters then walking down aisle 12. Join Amy, and Brody Teale as they get [More]
How To Make The Best Hog Hunting Bait For Consistently Bringing in Hogs Night After Night. 1 Thermal Hog Kill Using .223 Hornady Full Boar 50 Grain and Armasight Predator 336 60HZ. Thermal Hog Hunting [More]
We’re taking a couple buddies from Montana hog hunting down here in Southwest Florida at night with dogs for their first time ,and we catch a BIG one!
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The equipment we use for Boar Hunting! If you like our Boar Hunting videos and want to see new videos, Vlogs and more from our family, we are also on Patreon and would really appreciate [More]
When 3 locals and a bird hunter from Ohio get together to chase wild hogs on Texas public land, who knows what’s gonna happen! Hogs go down and fun ensued!
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In this documentary, we travel to East Texas and tag along with some folks to get the lowdown on their hog hunting culture. This wasn’t so much a search for answers to the problem of [More]
Hannah and I are able to catch a group of hogs slippin’ in daylight. We lower the boom on them. Several large boars and sows in this group but they couldn’t handle them 00 Buckshot. [More]
This week on The High Road with Keith Warren, Keith shows the power of his Gamo air rifle. Keith then takes a youngster out for his first hunt as he takes down a massive hog. [More]
When choosing a caliber and bullet for hunting or self-defense, new hunters and enthusiasts sometimes forget that killing power in firearms is comprised of four main factors: The projectile’s weight, it’s velocity, and its construction, [More]