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Rocky gets up close and personal with giant rutting bulls on his limited entry hunt, and gets it done on a great bull. GET SHEDCRAZY GEAR Link below: Venmo: @bendetta Follow my instagram: [More]
Second to the last day of the hunt. Lets all watch my brother Ramondo Henry, shoot his very FIRST Archery Bull Elk.. This hunt is definitely the most challenging hunt on the San Carlos Apache [More]
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Opening morning @ 8:06 one shot range out, the rest is history.
Warb heads West to film his buddy Drew on his first elk hunt. MAPPING – Get 20% Off OnX Hunt! Use promo code THP: THP MERCH – BOW ACCESSORIES – Get 20% off [More]
We arrive in Colorado and get into Elk immediately! Check it out
I finally got it done on a Utah otc public land bull. Great day in the elk woods GET SHEDCRAZY GEAR Link below: Venmo: @bendetta Follow my instagram: Subscribe to Reel Hunting: [More]
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