Follow Aaron Neilson as he hunts the state of Idaho during the peak of the elk rut. In nearly 2.5 weeks of hunting from Sept- 15 to Oct- 3rd we encounter hundreds of bulls and [More]
After ten trips and 100s of hours waiting for an elk to take the bait, it finally happened. And then, it was over in seconds. When he made a run for it the spear did [More]
Father and sons elk hunt in Colorado. We were fortunate enough to harvest 4 bulls on the 2nd day! Edited by: Laban Miller Videography by: Laban Miller/Brandon Miller Additional Videography by: Adam Miller/Duane Miller ————— [More]
Josh Pflasterer and Dylan Sackschewsky head to Idaho for the very first time to bow hunt elk on some breathtaking public land. We spend 9 days living off our backs and learn so much about [More]
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See how it’s done with hunter, conservationist, writer, and adventurer — Remi Warren. In an exciting first-hand experience, Expansive Worlds teams up with Remi to traverse the rugged, yet gorgeous western mountains of North America. [More]
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NEW MERCH!: Beau Baty is camped 9+ miles deep into the Wyoming backcountry in search of a big bull elk. He takes a couple llamas and hike to where he has been seeing elk. [More]
Silver State – Nevada Elk Hunting Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits heads to Nevada during the late season to chase elk. EXTREME OUTER LIMITS FACEBOOK… LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES HERE! [More]
This year we were lucky enough to pick up the rare Michigan Elk tag and we hit the big woods in search of a bull elk Music by
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BULL FOUND! I glassed up a mature bull elk bedded 1200 yards from our camping spot while bowhunting an OTC (over the counter) elk tag in Idaho. With only an hour of light left, we [More]
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