Elephant Charge while hunting dangerous game in Africa. For everything you need to know about hunting in Africa visit http://www.AfricaHunting.com.
Rhinos are one of the world’s most remarkable creatures. The rhino was killed during a canned hunt in South Africa. This rhino had been raised on a farm and was completely acclimated to humans. He [More]
https://www.craigboddington.com/endorsed-outfitters/choose#worldmap In this video Craig Boddington shows you how to locate an Elephant and approve for a clean shot.
Professional Hunter York Mare looks for clues to help him hunt a big elephant bull in only 3 days. With the help of a blessing from the whitch doctor the hungry local people may be [More]
https://outdoors-international.com/ – The myth of the “elephant graveyard” began because nobody ever saw any dead ones lying about. Within hours, or at most a couple of days, a dead elephant will be completely gone. The [More]
A glimpse in to a Buffalo & Tuskless hunting safari in Zimbabwe. The conservation through hunting story continues through the trials and tribulations of those unaware of the benefits.
Some more Far Cry 4 (FC4) Gameplay in the wildlife of Kyrat . There’s many different kinds of animals in this game. But I just started so I’ve only seen a few of them :L [More]
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Hunting Elephant in the Limpopo Province / South Africa.
Order Here: https://www.sportingclassicsstore.com/collections/dvds/products/africa-s-deadliest-world-s-greatest-elephant-hunts-dvd Celebrate the pinnacle of big game hunting with this captivating collection of the greatest elephant hunts ever captured on camera. Take 15,000 pounds and combine it with astonishing speed and you have [More]
Hunting African elephants with guns An African is a coordination of two living elephant species, the African bush elephant and the smaller African forest elephant. Both are herbivores and live in groups. It can be [More]
SV Safaris in CH1/ Botswana has some incredible game and huge elephant.
Elephant biology and elephant hunting is described by Professional Hunter Nathan Askew. The hunting of these animals pays for the conservation of the species and their habitat. The number of mature male elephant that we [More]
Watch this beautiful Elephant Hunting Video Watch this beautiful African Buffalo Charge By Mr Mark Sullivan and Mr Mark Egger. https://youtu.be/QuGpgMwDrv0 Let us know if you want to hunt with this Great Hunting Outfitter Omujeve [More]
Hunting big elepjant trophy bull in SA with powerfull rifle
By far the biggest elephant Alain has ever took aim at, this old bull was too incredible to pass up, and the Gunwerks Skuhl .375 Ruger was ready!
Mother Elephant kills old Lion who try to eat her baby, harsh life of Wild Animals In this educational documentary, we can learn about the life of Lion and Elephant. How the Lion hunts Elephants [More]
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Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world. But the highly controversial sport can actually help to protect some of Africa’s most endangered big animals. Here’s how. Find The Economist’s latest coverage of Africa: https://econ.st/3bTxaNw Sign [More]