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This week on Realtree Global Hunting, Team Wild’s Ian Harford joins Cervus UK’s Owen Beardsmore for an evening of duck shooting in the Staffordshire countryside. It’s the opening day of Duck Season. Owen’s reared ducks’ [More]
6 Tips For Wood Duck Hunting
It’s the end of a long pheasant day and how does Paul Childerley relax? He invites a friendly local keeper over to go duck flighting. The mallard are in, as are teal and there’s a [More]
It’s the Opening Week of Missouri South Zone and the boys are ready to get back after it! We were lucky enough to get a good sunny day where the ducks flew and the breeze [More]
On Christmas eve of last year I loaded my truck up and took a quick duck hunting trip down to the Texas coast. This has been an area I’ve wanted to hunt since I got [More]
Discussing strategies and tips for people who can only duck hunt on the weekend or a couple days a week.
Duck hunting over small water in central Kansas for a variety of puddle ducks. We froze up and lost most of our birds in North Dakota so we hit the road and Kansas didn’t disappoint. [More]
Follow along as Forrest takes you on a solo public land adventure in Colorado. Cottonwood sloughs, lots of greenheads, and flirting with a serious baby deadline all add up to a great time and a [More]
It’s late November as Matt and Heath are back out doing some duck hunting. Matt once again has his trusty 28 gauge and the pair are hopeful for some mallards. About mid-morning, they pack up [More]
The 2018-2019 season brought a high river and mild temperatures, making the duck hunting unfavorable back home. There’s only one thing to do when that river gets out. Go find ’em! #DayBreak #Banded #Realtree ~Hit [More]
If you enjoy hunting with a bow you will love this video of wing shooting the fast flying Teel. Ducks with a bow one after the other up to 70 yards hauling balls. Filmed in [More]
Matt discusses how to be more successful duck and goose hunting on public land. Be it kayak hunting, hunting out of a boat blind, or simply walking in, find out how to bag more ducks [More]
Matt is out hunting public land once with his 28 gauge. His blind is rather unusual, being just a pile of tumbleweeds. Less than favorable weather hinders the ducks but Matt is still able to [More]
Hoping for windy conditions the boys were disappointed to find no wind when they woke up but in the end it didn’t matter. It just made for some tough shooting.
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The sustainable hunting of ducks is one of the most special hunting opportunities we have in Australia. Its a valuable opportunity because we value the ducks themselves so highly for their incredible free range meat [More]
We’re chasing ducks around in this from the snow to a flooded corn field with Blackbelt Waterfowl. Blackbelt Waterfowl Channel: Previous Hunt Here That was a BANGER: Hunting Gear We Use- Duck call [More]
Migrated Duck Hunting in Pakistan with Slingshot very big migrated Duck male Hunting with Slingshot amazing head shot must watch.
Noah, Harry, Sam and Pete head down to the river for a evening shoot that provides birds and banter.