This Coyote Hunt was epic. We called in Coyotes using electronics. These dogs got up close and personal within Hornady Shotgun Shell range. Predator hunting is always exiting. We collab with Hidden Instinct for tip, [More]
It’s February, and the coyote breeding season is in full swing in the Nebraska Sandhills. It’s 15 degrees, there’s a pile of fresh snow, and Lucky Duck Predator Pro Geoff Nemnich is looking for angry [More]
Training to be efficient is something we try very very hard to do. By acquiring multiple targets at the same time is as efficient a one can get. Join Team OPS as we bring you [More]
Watch highlights from the 2020 coyote hunting season with Rusty Gamble of Coyote Assassins!!! (((Be sure to comment below to let us know how you like the videos))) REACH OUT TO US if you are [More]
A unique location, created by design, using a series of natural boundaries, immigration routes, and man made buffers, to employ the most kill rich environment we’ve ever used. A short film, constructing, then using what [More]
Lonny is out with Damon. They are trying to help out an area rancher get rid of some pesky coyotes. Then Lonny and Derek are hunting in a contest with a shooting buddy. They are [More]
Rick on the gun and Cody behind the camera on this one. All was going well till a 2nd dog busted the party up and everybody got a little spooked. One down but we’ll be [More]
Team Ops, presents one of the 3 triples we’ve filmed this season! Join the Father-Son team, Dan and James, on this epic hunt to remember, as we access the Sandhills once again, in sub zero [More]
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On this episode, Torry and Kerry Wayne get a call the night before from a goat farmer about coyotes killing his baby goats. After spotting the coyotes in the field, they have to use some [More]
Some of the most Epic Nighttime Doubles and Triples. 30 Coyotes Down using the Iray USA Rico MK1. Why hunt coyotes? As 4th generation ranchers and farmers, hunting coyotes is not just a hobby or [More]
Well, even though Stacy slept in and we didn’t get going until 11:00 am we still had our best day every putting 5 down by 6:00pm with some opportunity for more. We aren’t sure about [More]
On this episode, Greg “No Culls” Gallagher and camera-man for the day Clint Holden, are hunting a couple of black coyotes that a farmer told them he’d seen. They use all MFK vocals to bring [More]
Jon Collins discusses a few basic tips that will help any beginner coyote hunter.
Jason Gibson and Billy See team up and call in a triple. It takes some finesse work, but they bring the coyotes in on a string!
Another quick coyote stand! Jon Collins calls in a hard charging coyote in the snow. Equipment Used On Stand: FoxPro X24 – Swagger Bipods Stalker QD42 – Realtree Camo – Blocker Clothing [More]
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Coyote Hunting Double with a Suppressed 22-250. Quick short to the point video of an HD Double to start the Predator Hunting season.
Mid winter, below freezing temps, most death comes from exposure, when we’re on your trail you’ve got more to worry about than the elements, with us, comes WINTERKILL. Predator Hunting: SUPPRESSED® is [More]