💥Nov 2020💥flying ✈️to Africa is Safe and Easy, Check out this hunt taken place in Zimbabwe with Jared and is cousin Derek for a Cape Buffalo. During the Covid Pandemic, Derek and Jared decided to [More]
J Alain sorts out a huge Cape buffalo hiding in the tall thick grass! As dangerous as these situations are with a 2000# angry bull, anything can happen! Check out J Alain’s channel!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqBtLetmpz0E3CtgzMnsYA Shop [More]
Interested in possibly getting curb stomped by nearly half a ton of angry beef? Then this Cape Buffalo hunt is certainly something to tune in to! Join Carnivore EIC Iain Harrison as he revisits South [More]
Cape Buffalo hunt with Iliwa Sfaris in South Africa. Filmed and produced by Hunt Productions.
Hunt South Africa with All American Outfitter. Visit our website at HuntHere.com and click on the South Africa menu – no one goes to Africa just once!
Trophy hunting in South Africa at Schoongezicht Game Farm. {EDIT THIS WITH HUNT DETAIL} 2021 Hunting Season ▪️ Want to hunt in Africa enquire at https://bit.ly/schbookings ▪️ For more information about trophy hunting in South [More]
Kemp Safaris Archery Hunt South Africa
John and Jody spent 21 days hunting in South Africa. On this video you can see John’s amazing buffalo hunt. We spend 7 days looking specifically for an old bull. When we finally found him [More]
Hunting an old Cape buffalo bull in Kwazulu Natal.
Cape Buffalo Hunt with Infinito Safaris and client Larry Swartz, the hunt took place on the Southern Border of the Kruger park and was an example of a text book perfect buffalo hunt.
Join us in Verhonga Savanna as we explore ALL of the very best hot spots to find & hunt Cape Buffalo! Also learn tips on how to SURVIVE an AGGRESSIVE Cape Buffalo ATTACK! Includes detailed [More]
A great adventure with 2 clients in South Africa buffalo and 24 other species. To book your next hunting safari with Thwane Safari’s Africa go to https://thwanesafarisafrica.com/contact/ To film your next adventure contact us today: [More]
African buffalo hunting with arrow The African buffalo or Cape buffalo is a large African bovine. It is not closely related to the slightly larger wild water buffalo, but its ancestors are still unknown. Because [More]
Join South African trophy hunter Frikkie Botha as he hunts Spotted Hyena, a huge Cape Eland, and Cape Buffalo. Fantastic hunting safari captured in HD video with action camera footage and English narration. This is [More]
Nosler 300 grain bullets, .375 Ruger #1 – it does the trick – great footage of Ken’s 70th birthday, Cape buffalo #5!
https://www.craigboddington.com/ In this video Craig Boddington shows you how to talk a African Cape Buffalo.
Buffalo hunting (Part 2) – Hunting in Africa – Hunting Buffalo
After 5 days of chasing an incredible buffalo, J. Alain and the Rugged X team are beginning to wonder if this bull is ever going to give them a chance to get a shot at [More]
www.bushveldsafaris.co.za As with many hunters, the Cape Buffalo was top of Rich’s list. After stalking a herd for hours the previous day with no luck, he managed to take down this beast of a trophy [More]