Somerby Safaris offers the best Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa! Hunting Buffalo is our speciality and without any doubt, Somerby Safaris is the best outfitter in South Africa to hunt a world class trophy cape [More]
Follow my father as we set out on fulfilling his childhood dream: To hunt for Cape Buffalo in South Africa!
The best cape buffalo hunting highlights of all time! Multiple kills on huge buffalo, dangerously close, and none of them happy to see the barrels of the .577 NE or the Gunwerks Skuhl .375!
Black Death. One of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Kill the most hunters of any animal, worldwide. Watch this video and see how Cape Buffalo should be hunted. To have your own hunts filmed [More]
When in pursuit of the “black death” that is the cape buffalo, anything can happen…and often it does. However, most days start the same way, with a pre-dawn survey of waterholes, looking for tracks of [More]
Crusader Safaris • Free Range Hunting • Cape Buffalo Hunt 2021 One of our hunters Thomas from the United States recently joined us with his son, for his second trip with us to hunt the [More]
The cape buffalo, one of Africa‘s most dangerous yet sought after game animals. Every year, thousands of hunters travel to the dark continent in pursuit of this remarkable animal. Even fewer choose to pursue this [More]
Watch this exciting 20min video of the TOP 10 Cape Buffalo Hunts of the past few years. More Videos to come. Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 00:22 Buffalo 1 (Zimbabwe) 2:18 Buffalo 2 (Tanzania) 5:43 Buffalo [More]
One of J Alain Smith’s biggest Cape buffalo taken on camera! If you like wide heavy bossed horns that drop into long sweeping curls, this is your show!
Hunting Cape Buffalo November 2021 in the Limpopo Valley. Amazing stalk, everything worked out perfect To book your next Buffalo Hunt contact PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR MORE AMAZING CONTENT African Safari Films [More]
The Cape or African Buffalo and kudu are a must for an African hunting safari. Cape Buffalo kill more hunters while buffalo hunting than any other animal in Africa. Cape Buffalo Hunting Cost Hunting is [More]
Adventure Hunting for Cape buffalo and Plains Game Hunting in South Africa | Ammon Ammon the Record Breaking Hunter | Africa Hunting Africa Adventure! Hunting for Cape buffalo and Plains Game. On the trail of [More]
We hunt cape buffalo in South Africa’s Limpopo Province with Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris. The Outdoors Rambler takes a sweet shooting, and highly affordable Mossberg Patriot rifle chambered in .375 Ruger. The rifle is topped with [More]
The Huntech Pro Team was invited to Monterra Safaris. Monterra is a privately owned 14 000 acre game ranch in the Limpopo River valley. Whether you wish to book as a group, family or individual, [More]
Steve’s mission was to hunt cape buffalo in Africa but he never expected how much patience is needed to make this a reality. We saw two old bulls in the thickets, with the sun beating [More]
This is a description of my hunt for cape buffalo and plains game. I hunted at Buffalo Kloof game ranch in South Africa. Even though there is a high fence around the property, it is [More]
Casey Clark of Washington USA hunting Cape Buffalo with Charl le Roux, owner of Rosedale Safaris ( in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Filmed and produced by Gert Coetzee/HUNT Productions 2013.
Cape Buffalo are formidable to hunt. Change your weapon to a compound bow and the challenge, and danger level, rises bigtime. Nico Lourens guided Angelo in and we got very close to this bull. We [More]