In this video Craig Boddington shows you how to talk a African Cape Buffalo.
Buffalo hunting (Part 2) – Hunting in Africa – Hunting Buffalo
After 5 days of chasing an incredible buffalo, J. Alain and the Rugged X team are beginning to wonder if this bull is ever going to give them a chance to get a shot at [More] As with many hunters, the Cape Buffalo was top of Rich’s list. After stalking a herd for hours the previous day with no luck, he managed to take down this beast of a trophy [More]
SAFARI TRIO! Leopard, Cape Buffalo, and Baboon Special! With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, the hunting industry is hurting everywhere. Especially the remote hunting destinations like Africa. Hunting is a crucial industry in Africa not only [More]
Cape Buffalo Hunting, Elephant Hunting, Lion Hunting. Experience impact shots on Africa’s most dangerous animals. BoschNel Safaris offers the true African experience for any and all outdoorsmen.
-Season 3 Episode 2- A nail biting hunt for cape buffalo on the ground with a bow. See the highs and lows of hunting one of Africa’s most dangerous game animals. With tons of luck [More]
Ron Spomer hunts Cape buffalo, Africa’s infamous Black Death, with 416 Rigby Mauser at Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia. Hunters are restoring native eland, bushbuck, impala, sable and more, providing jobs and feeding villagers in the [More]
During the COVID pandemic Jared was able to get over to Support Africa and it’s community during the hard times. They had been hunting all day when they found this old Dugga Boy. #biggamehunt #biggamehunting [More]
Water, is the Buffalo’s greatest weakness. As the temperature’s rise, Water Buffalo will never be far from water. As for the 3 rifles in the photo, that’s another story……..LOL.
Dale Wilson and Bob Culp joined John X Safaris on a multi-area East Cape Experience. These two have been friends their entire lives and listening to their stories of trials and tribulations over the years [More]
Watch this African Buffalo Hunting Video in Caprivi. Let us know if you want to hunt with this Great Hunting Outfitter. Some more Lion Videos by African Safari Photo and Shawu Wildlife and Film Productions. [More]
Come along with us as we take you on a hunt for Frank’s dream Buffalo Bull. Thank you once again to Frank for choosing to hunt with us in fulfilling his hunting dream. Filming and [More]
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Filmed over a decade in five countries, Africa’s Deadliest: World’s Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts is the ultimate tribute to Africa’s most popular dangerous game. It’s a heart-racing documentary following 11 different notable dangerous game hunters [More]
Watch as Joe Byers, hunting with Rassie Erasmus ( takes the shot of a lifetime with a CAMX Crossbow. Just before releasing a heavy AccuSpine arrow, the buffalo swings it’s head and the arrow hits [More]
#MarkPeterson #ZambiaHunting #HuntingAfrica #WTA On day 3 of hunting Zambia, Africa Mark is after a big Dagga Boy or better known as the Cape Buffalo. Cape Buffalo rarely are alone but after finding really fresh [More]
Buffalo in abundance on this trip to Tanzania where an unexpected siting leads to a battle to bring down a beast!
Watch this beautiful Elephant Hunting Video Watch this beautiful African Buffalo Charge By Mr Mark Sullivan and Mr Mark Egger. Let us know if you want to hunt with this Great Hunting Outfitter Omujeve [More]
They don’t get Much Bigger than That…! Oh and we’re using the Bow on this Massive Diamond Cape Buffalo!!! Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Come Join the community @TheHunterDD33 official Discord!🎧 😁 THEHUNTERDD33 MERCH [More]
In this video I will show you my 5 Favorite Locations and Times for Cape Buffalo! We have the 45-70 Lever action locked n loaded for some big Capes!! Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! THEHUNTERDD33 [More]