Check out all the top new bows from each major manufacturer! 0:00 Intro 0:13 Mathews V3 – 1:14 Bear Redemption EKO – 1:51 Hoyt Carbon RX-5 – 2:25 Elite Enkore – [More]
TJ and Vanessa bow hunt for impala and blue wildebeest in South Africa.
This is the fourth part of a multi series about a hunt we did at our Zululand Concession. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! It would mean a lot to me if you subscribed. WEBSITE – [More]
This video is about the amount of kinetic energy at launch vs 60 yards with increasing arrow mass. 3 bows and 6 different arrows, with increasing mass and FOC. Second in a series as the [More]
Over the next 10 shows, we’ll highlight Road Trips’ unreal 2020 deer Season. First up, the Road Trips crew teams up with Major League Bowhunter’s Chipper Jones and Matt Duff to hunt Nebraska’s early-season giants. [More]
Bowhunting an old mature stag or buck with plenty of character is what pretty much the end goal for me when hunting deer. To have a few of these on your block requires a little management and [More]
I have been asked many times about bow hunting in the UK. Here is some of the history of bow hunting in the UK, and some of our thoughts on whether t is appropriate, humane [More]
I hunted this ancient Eastern Cape Greater Kudu with a good friend and owner of Kudu Valley Safaris. Smokey Mountain Pictures filmed and edited the video! Let me know in the comments what you thought [More]
Our best tips for how to setup on the ground while hunting whitetails! BOW ACCESSORIES – Get 20% off TROPHY RIDGE products w/ code – THP21 – BOWS – Save 10% off all Bear [More]
#bowhuntwildebeest #bowhuntingsouthafrica #wildebeesthunting #bowhuntingvenison #bowhuntingafricanplainsgame If you are interested in hunting with me please reach out to me on the contact details below – I look forward to hunting with you. Blue wildebeest are affectionately [More]
Bow Hunting of Sable with Motsomi Safaris in South Africa, for more info please visit
An action packed episode!. Say tuned for my Bowhunting Adventure when I head to the Limpopo Province of South Africa in the Steenbokpan area. Thank you for all the support! Here is my new episode [More]
Bow hunting elk at the start of the rut can be wild! Things get a little western when Dan and Justin Pickar call a mature bull into their laps at 15 yards. Would you take [More]
Bowhunting big deer with Sydnie and I. Here’s a fantastic whitetail movie from start to finish. Big Bucks in close. Some get the shaft some get away. Fast action one after the other. This is [More]
Five friends set out to Marble Hall, for a weekend of Bow hunting at Bush Tracks Wildlife. A very nice bow hunting farm with four well situated blinds. This was the morning of our second [More]
This time of year I get a lot of questions regarding my traditional archery bowhunting setup. Questions like: What kind of longbow or recurve to you shoot,what’s the draw weight for elk or deer, how [More]
Gotta love Sarah Bowmar and Josh Bowmar Bow fishing in clear water during the spawn! Pretty amazing we shot giant carp and set personal bow fishing records in daylight all in a single morning. Sometimes [More]
We’re headed to Texas for some arrow testing and hog hunting with @Ranch Fairy! THP MERCH – Subscribe to Ranch Fairy on YouTube – MAPPING – Get 20% Off OnX Hunt! Use promo [More]
Check out our guide on how to score a deer. Find out which measurements you need, all the terminology around scoring a buck’s rack, and the process of scoring a deer’s antlers. Follow us on [More]