Guy Eastman is hunting for a mountain grizzly bear. The grizzly bear is one of the most dangerous game animals in North America. Rifle hunting in the spring offers no shortage of big bears in [More]
Unleashed in West Virginia | Bear Horizon Season 2 | By Bear Hunting Magazine We travel to West Virginia to hunt with Curtis and Jamie Walker and their famous West Virginia Plotts! Hunting the Appalachian [More]
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A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about about going on a bear hunt! (Inspired by the wonderful book by Michael Rosen) ⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print out [More]
Not for the faint of heart bear hunting. WARNING: 13 bears arrowed in this short video, they just keep coming. This is not for everyone but if you are a bowhunter who likes to see [More]
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here is a video of an archery black bear hunt in New-Brunswick Canada. A nice looking bear weighted in at 274lbs!
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A grizzly bear hunt is one of the most dangerous hunts in North America. Not just because it’s an animal that can kill you with the swipe of a paw, but because the weather and [More]
Larysa Switlyk from Larysa Unleashed travels to Canada to break in her new Montana Rifle Company 300 win mag rifle while bear hunting. Want to go bear hunting? Contact to book your Canadian Black [More]
You don’t have to kill an animal to have a great hunt as Mike Avery proves this time while hunting with Ron St. Louis near White River Ontario. Avery is holding out for a very [More]
When there’s a grizzly bear standing and staring you down only 25 yards away, you better make your shot count. Fred makes two great shots with his recurve to take this big grizzly. [More]
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Update Sept 19/2015: Furbearer Defenders is offering a $3500 reward for info leading to the identification and prosecution of the hunters in this video. More info: A Canadian Grizzly Bear Hunt video goes [More]
When bear hunting sometimes you want to just give up, but sometimes you are rewarded for sticking it out! The night before two black bears were spotted with no tome to chase after them. Watch [More]
In this episode, Matt Cameron takes us on an East Tennessee black bear hunt with the English Mountain Bear and Boar Club in Cocke Co. Bear hunting with hounds is a time-honored tradition in the [More]
صيد الدببة بإستخدام الكلاب هل تعلم عزيزي المشاهد : بأن الدب لديه مخالب غير مرتدة مثل باقي السنوريات وهو حيوان غير إجتماعي يعيش حياته منفردا إبن الدب يسمى الديسم يبلغ وزنه بين ال٢٠٠ كغ إلى٧٠٠ [More]
This was a fun hunt with a father and son team from Kansas. Both hunters took 2 bears each but we only got one on camera. sorry for the “Click baiting” Jeryd (13) told me [More]