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In a recent meeting, the Fresh Tracks crew came up with the idea of doing a self filmed hunt only using your cell phone. With most of the team busy working on other projects; Dale [More]
Hunting bears is one of the most thrilling experiences this world has to offer! Follow along on our adventure while we search for a big mature bear in the backcountry! SAVE $$ using our discount [More]
This Do-it-yourself adventure in Montana starts with a cross-country trip hauling mules from Arkansas to Montana. Misses, getting thrown off mules, missing a blonde bear and finally taking a great bear after 16 days of [More]
As bear season rolls on, the hunting keeps getting better. The bears are up and moving… The BLACK BEAR FRIDAY hunt winner Vernon has a couple more evenings to seal the deal. Join the BRO [More]
Follow once again as we get lucky and take 2 bears during one sit in Northern Saskatchewan. Both bears shot with our trusty BigStick Gremlin Longbow.
Join us and the 2021 Spring bear hunt winner Vernon, for the first two nights of action on the Oregon Coast. Join the BRO Community: Text Us at 541-256-2457 MAPPING: Save 20% – Use [More]
BLACK TIMBER BRUINS Ben Titus of MOA Rifles and Calvin Halladay head to the coastal jungle of Oregon and hunt spring bear with good friend Evan Cunningham. EXTREME OUTER LIMITS FACEBOOK… MOA RIFLES FACEBOOK [More]
As we look back to over 4 years ago we remember one of Mike’s most memorable hunts! Kodiak Island, Alaska is home of some of the biggest Brown Bears in the world. This hunt is [More]
Vancouver island black bear hunt.
Come along in the interior of British Columbia with Wild Element for a epic day of chasing black bears.
Justin goes solo and goes deep in the backcountry and takes an absolute beast of a black bear in sheep country. After getting too far from camp and with dark closing in he decides to [More]
Erik heads to Colorado for an OTC Elk and Bear hunt. He chases bugles in the elk woods and has a couple close encounters with some black bears. This hunt had its ups and downs [More]
Manitoba Bear Hunts. A pair of 400 + pound Spring Bears shot near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba with and
The dirt road outdoors tv crew looks forward to spring bear season every year. Her are TOP 21 BEAR KILL SHOTS. All music on this video is license through: โ€‹ Watch all are videos [More]
We join to Bro crew as they have been grinding away trying to kill a bear. After 2 weeks of hunting they finally seal the deal with the Sig Sauer guys. Join the BRO Community: [More]
Having guided bear hunts for over 15 years, here are the top 5 mistakes we see Spring bear hunters make. Expanding your knowledge of Consistency, Shot Placement, and Scent Control will improve your chances of [More]
2020 spring archery Black bear hunt.
It’s Trent’s first day of school but Fred sneaks him out for a little bear hunting too. Web pageโ†’ Merchโ†’ To Book a huntโ†’ Social Mediaโ†’ Facebook: [More]