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Minnesota bear hunting at its finest, the bears were really hitting the bear baits and both Jason M and Brad got good ones.
Another day training my hounds to Bear Hunt in VA…
Myron Means, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Large Carnivore Program coordinator and statewide bear biologist, shares information to help Arkansas bear hunters find success this season. From the history of bears in The Natural [More]
Bear hunting in Minnesota takes a roller coaster up and down ride as Teri shoots a chocolate color phase bear on opening day but doesn’t get a fatal shot on it. She goes back at [More]
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Bear baiting and bear hunting. My wife Cheri gets her first bear after all these years. It’s a great redemption story.
How do you find that elusive bear on your Fall hunt? This episode will give you tips for using gear and food sources to find a Fall bear. Clay Newcomb, owner of Bear Hunting Magazine, [More]
Bear hunting in Minnesota has been really good and bears are falling. Here’s an update with lots more video to come. Loving being a Minnesota bear guide even though it’s an incredible amount of work!
Adam and Shane end up in a dicey situation with 5 Grizzlies in Montana while hunting black bears! Adam harvests a great black bear on this hunt too!!! Join the Limitless Community on Patreon to [More]
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I head out to the woods with my buddy, Nate, in search of his first-ever black bear. Black bear meat is one of my favorite wild game meats of all time which is why I [More]
A reported rise in attacks by bears in Romania has led to calls for their hunting. Conservationists say the problem is due to human activity. But that is a dilemma for the government, as it [More]
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Chris Beck of Extreme Outer Limits TV spends another year chasing bears in Oregon. Enjoy this long range hunting video. Extreme Outer Limits, hosted by Bob and Chris Beck, is a [More]
Lots going on with the bear baiting, wolves are visiting some of the baits and the bears don’t like it. One wolf has a GPS collar and a missing back leg.
We travel to the Alaskan Peninsula to hunt the monstrous coastal brown bear on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. We encountered a once in a lifetime giant, the rest is history. Check it out! [More]
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Watch this episode and more at Jason Peterson heads to British Columbia for a grizzly bear hunt with Double Eagle Outfitters. 4883
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