MERCH: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ We have a little fun in the snow on this hunt. Ducks of all sorts were on top of our blinds all in the 15 minutes it took to get our 6 [More]
OMG ! Lion Hunting Zebra Fail -Poor Zebra Are Seriously Injured
In this week’s episode, our good friend and camera man Joe and his son Gunner went out to do a little bow hunting during the rut in Wisconsin! While sitting over one of their Domain [More]
This is a video in which Lancaster Archery Supply runs down basic maintenance for crossbows used for hunting or target shooting.
One of the best days of hunting we’ve ever had. Big groups of mallards right in the decoys. Was slow all day until the last 2 hours. Wind switched and it changed everything. Aden (Cherry [More]
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Feral hogs populations have exploded in the last century across Texas. Farms and Ranches across the state are affected by these huge rooting pigs and to help control the population, many Texas hunters like me [More]
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Taken with a crossbow in Northern Maine on October 13, 2020. Official scoring will take place in December but said to be a Maine state record for moose taken with a crossbow. Come back in [More]
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Ultimate Night Vision: Our trusted mapping app: DUX GEAR: Went down to Texas for the first time to hunt some hogs! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
Adam harvests a big Colorado bull elk in the backcountry on opening morning!
In this video, Louis Lampitelli and camera woman Cheryl lampitelli travel to south africa to hunt the dangerous Cape buffalo. Hunter, Louis Lampitelli Camera Woman, Cheryl lampitelli Video editor, Austin Legg
Looking for something to do after your deer season is over? Try coyote hunting in Kentucky.
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Deer Hunting in the iconic West Highlands of Scotland, where deer stalking has been a way of life for generations. If you would like to learn about fire-arms and fire-arm training visit If you [More]
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Join Claudio Ongaro and all of the guides in as they embark on the best season of hunting in Ongaro’s history. Be entertained while learning cutting edge hunting techniques and see stunning cinematography along with [More]
The Pontoon is the most mobile blind of them all! Being able to duck hunt, be mobile and hide where the ducks were was key for us this year as the river came in and [More]