Looking for something to do after your deer season is over? Try coyote hunting in Kentucky.
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Deer Hunting in the iconic West Highlands of Scotland, where deer stalking has been a way of life for generations. If you would like to learn about fire-arms and fire-arm training visit www.countydeerstalking.co.uk/firearms-training If you [More]
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Join Claudio Ongaro and all of the guides in as they embark on the best season of hunting in Ongaro’s history. Be entertained while learning cutting edge hunting techniques and see stunning cinematography along with [More]
The Pontoon is the most mobile blind of them all! Being able to duck hunt, be mobile and hide where the ducks were was key for us this year as the river came in and [More]
UPDATED VIDEO! Click below. California’s Central Coast was one of the first areas where feral hogs were hunted. In this episode, join Craig and Brittany Boddington along with Dr. Sadaf Khan, and Chad Wiebe of [More]
On this kayak duck hunt I headed out to a public land lake here in Texas for my first solo hunt of the 2020 waterfowl season. I had been looking forward to trying out the [More]
*WATCH IN 1080p HD* Hunting with a stick and string in your hand is one thing. But taking that stick and string and targeting only a select few animals makes it that much harder. Watch [More]
This was Steve second trip to Re a Lora Safari’s… After his first trip in 2017 he desided that he needs to bring his wife Irene to experience this with him! Steve hunted a massive [More]
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I just found this email sent a while back, what a story, had to share ! Hunt knowledge on howtohunt.com , go get it !
Hog hunting with dogs. Hunting hogs
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In this week’s Varminators it’s L3 Outdoors’ turn at hunting pesky critters. These rabbits are destined for the bellies of Josh’s hunting dogs. Joshua White and Jeremy Martin take to the Texan brush at night, [More]
BATTLE: King Lion Hunting Buffalo Bull | King Lion vs Buffalo Bull Real Fight | Wild Animal Attacks They live to survive in the wild. Hunting is very important in the world of animals. They [More]
This was a beautiful hunt we filmed in Mozambique. Beautiful area with ample game and such a beautiful concession. Please let us know if you are interested to hunt this areas. it is really the [More]
I had this nice 7 point come slipping through just after daylight broke. The GoPro doesn’t gather much light so the shot footage is pretty dark. The deer was shot at 7:27am and official sun [More]