Nosler 300 grain bullets, .375 Ruger #1 – it does the trick – great footage of Ken’s 70th birthday, Cape buffalo #5!
This is the second video in a Crossbow Appreciation Month series of videos looking at Ambush Sites for the 2021 Crossbow Seasons. Here, we talk about “bait sized foodplots” and in particular, the Ridge Staging [More]
#asmr, #stopmotioncooking, #fishing, #handfishing, #primitivetechnology, #uniquefishing, #mukbang #funnyvideo #unusualcooking ★ The main content in today’s video: The race between blue fish and red fish, it seems they are very hungry and compete for giant eels. [More]
THE UNTAMED HATS, SHIRTS, DECALS AND MORE: 20% off the HuntWise “UNTAMED20” – 20% off Vortex Apparel “UNTAMED20” – The Untamed Podcast Apple – Podbean – Stitcher – Follow [More]
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THE UNTAMED HATS, SHIRTS, DECALS AND MORE: 20% off the HuntWise “UNTAMED20” – 20% off Vortex Apparel “UNTAMED20” – The Untamed Podcast Apple – Podbean – Stitcher – Follow [More]
Amazing sighting of a kudu and lion taking each other head-on. Video submitted by Liana & Zander Bierman and Nicole Tobias BOOK YOUR TRIP TO KRUGER: Send in your wildlife video here, and earn [More]
Hunting Elephant in the Limpopo Province / South Africa.
The Bear Hunting Project – 2021- Ep.4 Wow, what a hunt story! Qian contacted me in spring about a bear hunt. When we talked over the phone she explained that she just started fishing last [More]
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Tag along with NH Hunting Guide Glen Horne as he takes us out on a night hunt for coyote.
Check out all the top new bows from each major manufacturer! 0:00 Intro 0:13 Mathews V3 – 1:14 Bear Redemption EKO – 1:51 Hoyt Carbon RX-5 – 2:25 Elite Enkore – [More]
Deer hunting the late muzzleloader season in Iowa, a bonus buck from two miles away shows up at the end of the rut. Then on the first hunt of 2021 a snowstorm hits, so my [More]
Recherches associées : dove hunting in argentina – dove hunting tips – dove hunting with air rifle – dove hunting with slingshot – dove hunting with shotgun – Dove Hunting Best Shots with explication of [More]
On this coyote stand Jon Collins and Jordan Kelsey have a pair of coyotes show up from a direction they weren’t expecting. Watch to see how this hunt unfolds. Equipment Used On Stand: FoxPro X24 [More]
This week on Realtree Global Hunting, Team Wild’s Ian Harford joins Cervus UK’s Owen Beardsmore for an evening of duck shooting in the Staffordshire countryside. It’s the opening day of Duck Season. Owen’s reared ducks’ [More]
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Hunting Zombie Megalodon Shark goes wrong in GTA 5 with mods! ▶JOIN AS A MEMBER! TAP 👉 ▶MY MAIN CHANNEL 👉 Follow me on Twitter! Join my Discord server! Follow my [More]
Bears are scavengers and feeders who take advantage of opportunities. When given the chance, bears will take advantage of any available food source. Have you ever seen a bear hunt an elk? What about a [More]
6 Tips For Wood Duck Hunting