Out with TR hunting white tail deer and he makes a shot and ends up with a head shot at 20 yards! This is not intentional head shot! He waited for sometime (about 15 minutes) [More]
My whole “freakineagle” channel has been hacked and most of my vids stolen. Let me know if you can view this latest video. Just more crazy stuff I do around here. Life is too short [More]
Predator hunting can become an addiction! Over the years we have handed out many a dirt naps to all kinds of critters! There is nothing better than to sit back and watch an epic highlight [More]
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A beautiful day stomping brush for rabbits in Michigan! Connected with four today and kicked up a lot more then that!! Rabbit hunting Please subscribe to the channel!!! https://www.instagram.com/the_michigan_angler/
Squirrels are a deer hunter’s worst nightmare. They’re loud, obnoxious and they steal our bait. This video shows just a few of the ways they annoy us.
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Spring time is for killing turkeys… plain and simple. Thunder chickens, longbeards, Jelly heads, Gobblers… here’s 30 seconds of them getting a face full of lead. Turkey hunting is like a disease and it’s one [More]
Elephants in Ugab Valley, Brandberg, Uis,
Bunjie and I live only a short distance from the NY border. It’d be nice to hunt there one day. Is that something that might be more realistic in the near future? Pending legislation in [More]
Hi folks so i set up my camera at 3am to see if the myth is true about 3am being the special hour for the afterlife personally i believe they are around all the time [More]
In this video veteran outdoor broadcaster Mike Avery is hunting black bear in northern Ontario with Ron St. Louis of Northern Wilderness Bear Outfitters (http://ronchrista.wix.com/northernwildernessbearhunts). Avery is using his Darton crossbow (http://www.DartonArchery.com) as he has [More]
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An action packed compilation of EOTR’s best buck kills from the last 6 seasons. Awesome HD footage of 35 bow killed bucks.
Cape buffalo hunt with Verney Carron in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia.
Small game hunting Southern Ontario, rabbit, grouse, squirrel, crow
Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1287 w/Rich Benoit: https://youtu.be/qAfWYD7HK9M