2 BUCKS in 2 DAYS! Incredible Deer Hunting Action

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Tyler Rector has had his fair share of late-season success over the past few years, and this year is no different! Despite having terrible luck all year and most of his shooters either dead or missing, he turns his entire season around in 2 days!

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Rick LeNore says:

That little clip at the end was me this late season. "I just want a new deer to show up that's like 200" is that too much to ask for." Congrats on the back to back bucks!

Kevin M Robinson says:

Great shooting! Damn!!,

Ken Thorsen says:

Awesome shooting Tyler! The photo of you with the two bucks will make a great 8×10. Congrats on two nice bucks.

Michael Lewis says:

Great shooting !! 2 heart shots. Nice blood trail. Curious how far shot #2 was? Nice going.

Matthew Campbell says:

Couple of perfect shots right there 💪🏻

underdog outdoors says:

Great shot(s). I had to rewind & watch a few times.

Hunter Ewing says:

Way to keep after it, two phenomenal shots

Chad Goldstein says:

Awesome. Congratulations! Hope the nerve is better

Chad Gillaspie says:


Michael Lombardo says:

Beautiful shot on both but especially the second one! You dropped in right in his breadbasket. No doubt a heart shot! Congrats! Now I have to pay attention to the video and see if of confirm shot placement.

T James says:

What broadhead is that?

Ryan Farmer says:

Nice blood trail and shot, wow

Jeremy Mueller says:

That squeaky chair is killn me .😖

Wayne Cole says:

Can I ask what brand of ground blind you're using? Looks terrific!

Cunningham Outdoors says:

Awesome video, your equipment is unreal. I need to go to lighted nocks.

Rob Landis says:

Now that is how it's done. Great shooting sir !

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