Rabbit Hunting in Spencer County, KY

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It’s hard to beat a day out chasing rabbits with good friends and watching the beagles work their magic in the field!


Daniel Luedtke says:

Why even have hounds if your gonna jump shoot? That don't fly with me,hounds are supposed to circle rabbit back to gun.

Alex Ovalle says:

I have a rabbit that is animal abuse and cruelty

Sebastian Massarotto says:

Great video love rabbit hunting love the sounds of the hounds❤❤

rabbit boy says:

That was a good hunt

Ethan Slone says:

Great video guys. I’m a 16 year old from eastern KY who loves to listen to them dogs run. Me and my grandpa have trained beagles for years, and starting with a great pack of young pups this year!👍

Alex Cunningham says:

What brand pull over is Chad wearing?

mmmadcccow says:

Rabbit hunts are my favorite episodes. 🥰

Hunter Gumarapus says:

5 nice sharing my friend….👍👍

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