OHIO TURKEY HUNT | Late Season Turkey Hunting

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With weather not looking to hot in the Northeast we hop in the truck and head west to Ohio for some late season turkey hunting. Brett’s last Ohio turkey hunt didn’t end up successful, so he is heading back in hopes of redemption. The guys show up just in time to head to the woods and the birds are on fire!
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Face2Face Outdoors says:

Badass guys. Great camera work. I live in Ohio and really enjoy getting after some gobblers. Hope the hatch gets better and more people start trapping the yotes and racoons so we can keep the turkey numbers good.

Donnie Hill says:

You ever hunted in Arkansas??

Rocket league Live says:

GIVEAWAY. Great hunt guys

Nick Danger says:


MC Williams says:

Nice work. Waiting them out, and toning down the calling when they got close in paid off.

bs431980 says:

What shotgun/ gauge are u using ?

GGGoutdoors /Kingdom Connection says:

Great hunt!!! Absolutely loved turkey hunting Ohio. Definitely portrays well the areas that I hunt and what I deal with in that topography. Really enjoyed it! Well done

duncan lazarus says:

What red dot?

Jim Ryser says:

What a way to enjoy staying in from the storm!

Kyle Lamberti says:

Nice bird, and even better video you guys are awesome.

Timothy Christian says:

I carry a pair of latex gloves and put them over the turkeys head to keep it from dripping blood all over me.

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