Duck Hunting Texas | Public Land Mixed Bag (7 Species)

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We headed out to Texas last week to see if a couple big fronts rolling through the central flyway would bring about some of the duck hunting action I saw out there last year. We spent our first evening scouting and found lots of mallards, pintails, gadwall, and shovelers using the public land where I had done some kayak duck hunting last season. The following morning was everything we could’ve hoped for with decoying greenheads, trophy birds, and lots of variety in the mixed bag. We ended the day with 7 different species to start the trip and lots of Texas sized smiles. Hope you enjoy!

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robert treble says:

A good hunt.

Mvi Rghg says:

خدا مرگتو بده

BLASTER 333 says:

Definitely worth the trip!!! You got some really nice birds on this one!! That spoonie Rocks!!

Moustafa Kaid says:

Welcome back to Texas Thomas good to see you loving Texas

Forest Hathaway says:

I cant keep the spoonies out of my decoys in north texas 😂😂

Ryan Ragsdale says:

They will if everything is frozen and you have an ice eater going they just can’t take it

Hunter Carroll says:


Jacob Bagdan says:

Best way i got spoonies(in PNW) was a slow action jerk rig after they landed

High Prairie Sportsmen says:

Nice video Thomas! That spoonie is a stud. Looked like an expensive first day with all the taxidermy-quality birds y'all got.

Blake Boyd says:

what kind of call do you use?

Michael Carpenter says:

Beautiful mixed bag! Love hunts like those, good job!

Brayden Edwards says:

Yoo. I’m going to hunt in hobucken North Carolina Monday

Emily V says:

Great video! I just got back from hunting in Texas; Sandhills, Specks, and Lessers

Bob Giles says:

Great video definitely some good looking ducks congrats keep them coming. Enjoy watching your videos

S patrick says:

Where are you guys staying? Major shout out to the lodging owner!

Wayerfowlawyer says:

Great video and awesome mixed bag!

Nasser Kuzbari says:

Great video as usual.. Are you using mid or long-range chokes? you are connecting on some long shots..All the best.

Full Strap Outdoors says:

Thats what im talking about Iove these Texas Duck Hunts Thomas! Great video!

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