BEAR HUNTING with HOUNDS!!!! – North Ga Mountains

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Jay and friends draw a special golden ticket to hunt black bears in north Georgia with hounds! Terrible weather turns into an awesome hunt.


Downwind says:

Great video!!! I love the intro and outro!

Knoah Laney says:

Chestatee WMA?

Cayden Smith says:

What part of Georgia was that in Helen

warrgri says:

Those Georgia mountains are a sight to see. Lots of bears, that’s why Glenn and I carry a pistol with us when we go trout fishing

Bo Robertson says:

In North Georgia all the time jay. Best friend has a river cabin on the Toccoa River. Come fish with us!

Bruce Jurv says:

Nice job Jay congrats 👍

Chattahoochee Outdoorsman says:

I really enjoyed this one! I could listen to those hounds all the time! Congrats to you both on your bears. Those boys you brought down from NC seemed like they were great company too!

Michael Andrews says:

Is that Patrick O’Dell?

Michael Wilson says:

So how did you put in for this? I live in NW Georgia, huge deer hunter, but would absolutely LOVE to chase bears.

Shane Lofton says:

Awesome. I also killed my first bear this year

Monte Maguire says:

Amen . That was cool . Enjoy the wild while we can cause probably sooner than later Jesus is coming back .

Cajun Country says:

yall pray for me ive got around a month to get my first deer with a bow. Great vid as always Jay

Elmer Mullet says:

Wonderful prayer brother, awesome video

Mutedhoseby says:

Love the new channel ! But what happened with seekone?

Buster Butler says:

Awesome hunt! Glad y'all had a good time. Some day I hope to live up there.

Gabe Ferguson says:

Great video man keep up the good work!

Dean Hetzel says:

Looks like an amazing time man! Love the videos 👍🏻

Brock Rampey says:

Probably a ol mason jar in camp somewhere.

Curtis Wireman says:

Heck yeah congratulations to all you all. Awesome videos

Trenton Barber says:

A lot of people don’t know how awesome it is to hunt with dogs. Awesome video man

owen fritz says:

Amazing hunt! Excited for the future vids from this channel

Ecole outdoors says:

I love the intro to all theses vids it is so good

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