THE LEGEND OF KODIAK | Alaska Spring Brown Bear Hunting Documentary with guide Billy Molls

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Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting Adventure with Billy Molls
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(Text from Back cover of DVD)

Imagine,,, waking up every morning in a 12X16-foot, soot-stained canvas wall-tent pitched beside a pristine lake somewhere in the remote reaches of Kodiak Island. It’s springtime. Ominous, snow-capped mountains surround you. You drink two fingers of whiskey every night. You eat eggs, hashbrowns, and fresh caught trout every morning at sunrise. As the birds sing and the waves slap the beach you thank God you’re alive, and no bears—that you know of—came into camp last night.
You lace your boots, stuff some food in your pack, grab your rifle, double-check the chamber, and head into the most legendary bear hunting grounds in the world.


Chou Leang Hak says:

The bears live peacefully there in this very isolate region. Please don't harm them.

The Woodsman says:

Sitting sick with Covid. As
A guy who’s killed 3 of these I can say that young guy missing from nerves is crap! I understand it happens but you simply cannot make a mistake on a bear like that!!!! You just can’t!!! Good video though.

Hans Johansson says:


James Vatter says:

Kodiak, spring 1983. Sunburn and sweating one afternoon only to wake up the next morning thinking you were frostbitten! Blacktails that act like rabbits in the alder tangles. 40 eagles to devour a bear carcass in a day. Foxes everywhere. Bears, bears and more bears!

Brian Robbins says:

Excellent excellent hunts

Lisa Medley says:

Do you guys use the meat from these bears or just take the hides and heads I'm just curious because when I'm watching the videos you never shows y'all packing up any meat just look bare skins

Ron Reagan says:

In Soviet Russia Bear hunts man.

Antosch Horst says:

Why don’t you go hunting with a machine gun.

Antosch Horst says:

Stop lamenting

Tree Climber says:

How do you get the bear out and processed ?
What cal rifle and loads ?

From The Cockpit says:

I’m no expert, but why not bear hunt later in the season ?

matty d says:

Kid jerked off a shot without being told to shoot? That's fucked up!

Terry Smith says:

Didn't show the kill.

Darren Iorio says:

“Kodiak…… weans out the weak….and refines the strong”. Well done sir 🙏🤙👌

Gary Myers says:

20 thousand dollars a hunt and they feed ya peanut butter and jelly?

Tim Galeazzi says:

Did the guide shoot first then Bille?

Rob White says:

Once again, well done Mr. Molls!! Thanks for taking the time to document your adventures to share with us. Happy New Year!

Bob M says:

Great adventure boys !

Jayne Carroll says:

What did you do with the meat? I expected to see you cooking bear steaks as soon as you got back to camp! Please tell me you did bring it back after killing that beautiful sow?

Jeremy Mueller says:

Can you bait bears in that area ?? Love the vid 👍 👍👍

Taco Slurpees says:

Another masterpiece, thank you Billy! Happy and prosperous new year to you and your family.

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