Terrrifying Video/Audio Captured While Camping

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Here is another of the numerous sent in videos I have been slow on getting shared, many more to come.
If this makes you angry, maybe go mimic these sounds perfectly, do it on video then get it to us.
Wait, if this makes you angry, get yourself checked in to an institution FAST. lol
See you all tomorrow.


joshua fister says:

The vocal sounds are within human range and can be made by a human as well. Most of the real vocals recorded are out of human capability. I think this is just Click Bait sound bites, Sadly their are people like this. Not – Real!!!

Mark Ennes says:

Reminds me of Blair Witch

Salt Fork says:

You can hear the fear when he says “everybody, get in my truck”

Leslie Thompson says:

The knocking sounds are a common sound people hear with this

Soul Guard says:

This isn't what I heard

Daniel Anguilm says:

Might be bobcat or mountain lion or some other wild cat. They make some pretty wild sounds when they cross into echothers territory or when trying to attract a mate. They too can make a human-like quality sound.

Nick says:

Translation: get out of my area. Sounds human, but the power in that volume… doesn't. Brings the chills when you consider the whole giant cannibal angle… Less ape, more hairy giant wild man.

Robert Craig says:

I believe you were being told to get off their property. And I definitely would oblige who ever or what ever that was..

Leslie Pavelko says:

Yep, that wtf….RUN feeling ….

Curtis Jackson says:

where is the conclusion of the video? Did they just stop recording? I'd like to hear from the men that are in this video

Scott Smith says:

I think being a musician for 40+yrs gives me a unique perspective & the fact I’ve had 2-TWO visual encounters + hearing vocalizations of my own & from those on media considered to be (across the board, biologists, animal call specialists, etc.), to be 100% genuine. I think everyone (myself included), needs to take a minute & not rush to judgement either way. I can read music both Treble & Bass clefs, but prefer playing stringed instruments by “EAR”. After several years of playing both professionally & non I think I have a pretty good ear when it comes to sounds. I think the BF/Sa’be community needs to exercise a little restraint here. We aren’t UFO-Ancient Aliens Theorist’s here? Those guys think all major religions, any theory, any ancient artifact etc, etc, involves “Ancient Aliens”, without any follow-up and/or study. It’s automatic 100% PRO Ancient Alien, which is lending to them not being so well received as they are showing their lack of objectivity. Same as UFO/UAP phenomenon, many who claim to see legitimate UFO, are 100% convinced it’s “Alien”, or “Little Green Men”. I saw a couple of things 1 in the sky & 1 closer to the ground, while strange both sightings were I do not or will not make the claim that I’ve seen an “Alien Spacecraft”, let alone a UFO. I’m just saying we need to exercise a bit of restraint here. Not calling anyone a liar or untruthful. I am ONLY saying that the vocalizations sound like a big “Man”, that has practiced making “his own”, type of call & take a “Mini-Sledge”, or large 20-22oz Framing hammer and knock on a tree that has recently fell from storm damage, but NOT Rotten & you’ll be surprised at how close the sound is to the sound in this video. All I can speculate about after being a lifelong outdoorsman & a lifelong musician is that I know “SOUND”, and I know it well. Try tuning a guitar to “Open B-flat Minor”, without a tuner? Try using a large hammer on a recently fallen tree. All I’m asking is for “YOU”, the fellow listener to not 100% blindly accept every video, sighting or sound as 100% legitimate BF/Sa’be sound/sighting. Remember we as a group of believers & 1st hand encounters, experience enough scrutiny from everyone else. We owe it to ourselves as a group to demand that we are skeptical & to get much more of the facts behind any interaction/encounters with BF/Sa’be. Thanks to Steve for sharing the video! We all have a right to an opinion weather we agree or disagree. Right?

Parrish J. says:

Yeah GET IN YHE TRUCK!!!! FUCK that!!?

Antonia says:

That sounds like some guy out there trying to scare the crap out of them. I don't think that's real at all. I've heard people do those whoops, trying to call bigfoot and that's what it sounded like…some guy doing whoops.

Wes Mcgee says:

Very similar to other human like vocalizations recorded all over the world.

Scott Smith says:

I gotta be honest; that sounds like a person that’s hollering in the not so distant area. Tree knocks do not sound like ones I’ve heard coming from “No Man’s Land”. Sounds like someone or “person”, making the calls & knocks sound like large framing hammer or mallet. The “man”, saying “Everybody, get in my truck”, sounds like manufactured “intensity”, also do not hear “others”, showing signs & sounds of intense fear; and the knocks sound like a hammer on a fallen tree that while dead, is still somewhat hard enough to be loud. Sorry, but I can’t go out on a limb for this one. I’m in now way an “Expert”, & not basing what I know off t.v. I’m basing it off my own personal experiences & genuinely backed up legitimate sources that have captured calls & knocks & sadly this one sounds nothing like a BF/Sa’be. Sorry but gotta go w/HOAX on this one. I know I’m gonna be the bad guy but just being honest on my thoughts. That’s all it is too, my thoughts. Sorry & don’t mean to offend. Thanks for sharing though.

HighOnBusa says:

Lol humans messing with people 😂🤣😂 that was awesome

dominic coscarelli says:

Yikes it was right on top of them. Probably a good idea to leave. I'm thinking that's what it wanted

Big Dummy says:

I don't know. Personally, I think that I could replicate those vocals rather easily. That being said, I wasn't there and it is what it is. Take care and thanks for posting.

JASON B says:

Whatever it is it sounds intimidating

metalhead Deadhead says:

What I heard once was more of a long deep roar that somehow simultaneously had a scream mixed in with the top end. It was over 5 seconds long, coming from across a mud bog WAY out in the backwoods of NH in the fall. But I'm thinking probably different vocalizations for different incidents that match intended emotion and communication. When I heard what I heard I didnt need a translator, whatever it was was saying " Get out of my territory!" With conviction.
That is my only experience, and perhaps there is a logical explanation, but I've been here my whole life. Never heard a sound like what I did that afternoon. This video is intriguing, thanks.

Ironguard says:

Sounds like big feet.

Richard Oglesby says:

Forget that I would be looking for the road just imagine there's probably 1500 to 2500 of them in the US and Canada

Cathleen Alambra says:

This is why I don't camp! F that!

Mark says:

Sounds like the morehead recordings

Revolution Marine says:

I am actually on the fence big time with this one. A large beer belly guy seems capable of making the one sound and the knocking just seems unlike every other knock we have heard before. Too many and has to be a rock on a tree or a hammer which it really sounds like being a mechanic and handyman. I have ran into one and it didn’t make any sound at all, other then crashing through crap to bluff charge me.

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