PIG/HOG hunting ,afternoon hunt on the quad bike

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afternoon hunt on the quad catching pigs with dogs an shooting



How often do you get bogged out there ?

Hunting with Stu says:

Good clip mate, plenty of water about.

brianadams429 says:

Awesome videos. You are Austrailian right?

Mitchell Dickens says:

Awsome mate , only problem the more I watch the more jealous I get . Haven't had a chance to get out for ages . The pup's going to be very handy as well mate if that's the first time she's seen one 👌

Shane McKenzie says:

Good stuff Dave, keep 'em coming mate.👍

Purns Hunting says:

Keep the vids coming mate. Love them.

Barry Murphy says:

Great to see you have had plenty of water.
That makes for more & more pigs.

Thanks for sharing your time .

Stay safe thanks again

Craig Tomkinson says:

Great work, bit hard my guts watching, do you clean you lens much

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