HOW TO: Go Elk Hunting This Year

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Do you want to hunt elk this year? In this video, Trail Kreitzer goes over 6 different western states to choose from to help you hunt elk this year and for years to come!

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Perry Knetter says:

Thank you for sharing this great information Trail. It's hard for working people that can't sit by the PC to get tags like Idaho. Just alot of more Elk hunters That includes Wolf's Bears and Lions.God's Blessings to you all

Forrest Earnest says:

Trail has joined the long hair don't care, with beards gang alongside Brady and Neville.
Nice breakdown of the opportunities to hunt elk in 2022. Colorado is king 🤴in the OTC game, especially now that Idaho practically dropped out with their new Over the Internet, but wait in line system. They also have the most human pressure and not just from hunters.
I have been confused by the Any bull deal in Utah for a while, until someone recently explained it to me. When one thinks of Utah it's the long draw odds big bull potential units and spike only hunts.
I hope to do an elk hunt someday soon, but coming from the East I think that I will try pronghorn and deer 🦌 first, before stepping up to elk.
Thanks for sharing.

Guardian Minifarm says:

Great. Very encouraging. Thank you.

Hunter Wiegand says:

Headed to Idaho for my first elk hunt

Elkhunter2008 says:

Great video and info thanks guys appreciate your help

Wyatt Sebright says:

That OTC list sure has gotten smaller since you started this service. Thanks boys.

FabianPerez says:

You guys should do this for mule deer 🙏

Richard Kramer says:

From my experience, Colorado is the last state I would choose to hunt…anything! It’s like a pumpkin patch out there and the leftist communists have made it so restrictive that you dare not step on a blade of grass or you’ll get a ticket. I’d rather not hunt than to hunt in Colorado. My top choices are Idaho and Wyoming general tags.

Mystery Man says:

If I'm not mistaken Oregon has some 100% draw for controlled rifle roosevelt elk for non residents with 0 points.

Armando Mada says:

Awesome thanks for the info happy hunting be safe good luck guys

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