EXALTED, trailer | Alaska moose and grizzly bear hunting adventure, Modern Day Mountain Man

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Exalted is a 1 hour 40 minute film available at www.billymollsadventures.com

From back DVD cover:

Water flows to the lowest point, the sun rises in the east, and campfire smoke will always find you: Hunters recognize and come to rely on these and countless other laws of nature through experience in the field. Eternal truth is not only found in the field. God’s laws and principles are constantly revealed to all who seek them.

Two Alaska moose hunts served to remind guide, Billy Molls, that those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.


John Umhauer says:

Looks like a great journey, cant wait to watch….

Path Finder says:

I absolutely love watching your content, but paying $20 (plus shipping?) for a DVD to watch once? Unless you’re angling to get picked up by one of the outdoor TV channels by producing and collecting shows that most people haven’t seen because of this new format, I’m not really seeing this work out.

paleface 007 says:

Billy I agree getting DVDs is a hassle ,buy online content this great stuff but down here in Australia 🇦🇺 mail systems to slow worldwide . Go online billy you have great fans just can't wait to see it but I don't know when I will.

Perry Knetter says:

Looking good Big Shooter
I can't wait to see the full video
God's Blessing

Flatliner Outfitters says:

I’m so pumped for this one! I’m ready now!!!!

Gerald Outdoors says:

gotta say Billy, you look good in KUIU!

Ole Marius Husby says:

Have you ever thought of making a online streaming service where we can by and instantly watch your movies instead of ordering a DvD? Surley have to me less costs for you and you can increase the numbers easy with some marketing? I know for sure that i would love to by every single movie from you, i just cant be asked to order a DvD and get it sendt to Norway

MSA 454 says:

Definitely waiting for this one.

Dewey COMS says:

Alright Billy! It looks like you have some time this winter to do some editing! Keep it coming!

adam wiech says:

Can't wait for this hunt

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