Bunjie's CROSSBOW Buck from a Ground Blind!

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What a way to wrap up the 2020 Crossbow Season! Bunjie, Jr., has gotten a workout this year. Now, it’s Bunjie’s turn to head into the woods as the rut is ratcheting up to full speed. The result? The King of the Forest, 2020 Edition!

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This channel is about my love of the crossbow, hunting, and the outdoors. I hunt almost exclusively with the crossbow. I love it and I aim to help you love it, too!

Bunjie is a 2010 Excalibur Axiom Crossbow. After a decade of killing deer, hogs, squirrels–you name it!–with the “stock” 20″ Easton Firebolt arrows, Bunjie experimented with heavy arrows during 2020 but has since decided to hunt with 20″ ProFlight arrows from Easton, for a total arrow weight of just under 400 grains when tipped with a 100 grain Rage Crossbow Hypodermic Broadhead. This keeps old Bunjie around 300fps.

Bunjie, Jr., is my daughter Genevieve’s crossbow, an Excalibur Micro Suppressor 355. She also shoots ProFlights (16.5″ variety) with a 150 grain Rage Trypan Crossbow Broadhead, for a total arrow weight around 415 grains.

This channel is about my love of the crossbow, hunting, and the outdoors. I hunt exclusively with the crossbow. I love it. Sure, like a lot of kids, I started hunting with a good ol’ Model ’94 Winchester .30-30 back in the 80’s, but drifted away from hunting when I went off to college, law school, and started a family. As my daughter got older, I regained my interest in the outdoors, and I consider myself lucky to hunt on the same property today that I hunted on as a kid. I got the Excalibur Axiom crossbow in 2010 and I haven’t looked back. This channel is the result of combining my interest in filming and hunting…

…and music, too! My related channel, Yankee Militia, showcases my music. Some of the music is hunting-related, so check that out, too! The soundtrack for this channel is provided by my band, so the two are intertwined. The albums “Live Free or Kill” and “Zombies Gotta Eat, Too!” are available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. A third album is in the works.

All Hail Bunjie!
–Rich Wilson, Death by Bunjie


Yves F says:

Nice Shot Creat video thanks

Don Schaeffer says:

Great buck great video. I had thought a shoulder shot was not good but obviously am wrong. Maybe that’s the difference between a crossbow and a compound. I’ve always tried for a bit lower and further back for the pass through. I’d like to see your optimum location

Mike M says:

like your video's, congrats.



Calvin's Corner72 says:

Had to come back and watch it again. I’m so happy the 100+ year old apple 🍎 tree was saved by some strategically placed fertilizer. 👍

Stealing Time Outdoors says:

Awesome channel! I have the same setup 355 micro only using 100gr rage broadheads. What would you recommend as a GoPro mount on the Excalibur? Hoping to add a successful hunt to my channel this October! Thanks!!

HB Legal says:

Nice job Bunganator!

WoodChuck Sask Outdoors says:

Beautiful shot man dam

Wickwire 9 says:

Oh BTW I just found your Channel and I love it !
Great video !!
Direct to the point !
But again if you build them let me know !

Wickwire 9 says:

Man loved it !!
Now I need to make myself one !
If you build them let me know !!

S P23 says:

Finally, a very good hunting video without a lot of irrelevant yapping. Well done!

PossumSlayer Slayer says:

New to crossbow, so glad I found your channel!👍🏻

At first I was like who’s this dork, after watching, Cool Dork!

nonsheep says:

I'm a tree surgeon- its not a 100 year old apple tree 😊 estimate its 70 years old, God im one sad lonely man . . . Hello from uk 🇬🇧

Marty Bass says:

Hey rich by the way I'm a huge fan of ur show and I watch u everyday but I wanted some info on that scope you have on bunji it's a excalibur isnt it and I've seen that scope in hunting stores and have been wanting to get another scope for my crossbow I have a bear saga 405 but let me know the pros and cons if u have time thanks bud and talk at ya later

Rigoberto Vargas says:

What broad head do you use?

Metalneck Outdoors says:

Had to go back and watch this one again. Very good footage Rich and a great video. Good thing about filming hunts is getting to go back and relive the moment anytime you want to. I also keep a photo book with details of all my harvest. Congratulations again my friend.

Ant says:

Hmm. I love crossbows.. But I don't think I'll be shooting deer with em. Unless it's survival. Death seems to take too long

Bobby Golden says:

Great Video!

Masa Bodo says:

Video stupid

Bryan E Todd says:

Nice buck. If you want deer to hunt you down while being on the ground. Use a mix of vanilla and almond flavoring and water take a spray bottle and spray your hunting cloths with the mix . Then take cinnamon and put that inside your boots! Cus deer can smell them feet so cinnamon will make your cornchiped smeelin feet smell like cinnamon! Deer love that smell had ten deer walk down my snow path to come to me. Easy 10 to 5 yrd crossbow shots. This trick I was told to from my uncle who always get a big deer every year.

MrHunting99 says:

I hunt from ground blinds 90% of the time. Always have venison in the freezer.

Robert Streams says:

Love the videos and love that your daughter hunts with you…My daughter will eat all my jerky I make but won't hunt,scout and help put up stands or anything…

Rachel Garrison says:

Check out stray arrow outdoors

Scott Jordon says:

Would you please do a review of the Garmin Xero X1i? Nice buck!! Be blessed in The Lord!!

stacey yates says:

One of the best videos I have seen!! Congrats!!

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