How YOU Can Hunt Elk on a Budget!

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Randy Newberg explains how a non-resident can go elk hunting on a reasonable budget. You don’t have to be a millionaire to go elk hunting in the west! If you don’t live in a state where you can buy a resident elk tag, and you want to go elk hunting, the reality is that you will incur some cost. In this video, Randy explains how to go elk hunting every year, and what states provide the most value to a nonresident elk hunter.

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mrsockeye says:

Great video, Randy. I will be forwarding this one to all my buddies that are sitting the fence.

Matthew Hinrichs says:

Wait, if you buy an OTC tag for Colorado, you only need the habitat stamp which is only $10.40 dollars and the elk tag at 688.. I think you misspoke about that

Roger Danella says:

Thank you I have been wanting to figure this out since I didn't fill my nv bull archery tag last year

Michael Duncan says:

Thank you Randy, I am 56 and still elk is a bucket list hunt for this disabled veteran.

Michael Tubbs says:

Great Video great info and tips hope to go elk hunting again someday Thanks for sharing!

Timothy Waterman says:

That's just to get the chance to have a shot. Here in Colorado DOW says the average hunter(not Randy) fills that elk tag once every 7 years

Chris Edminster says:

Great video. But why the hell would you divulge so much info. I have hunted 3 to 4 states a year for 30 years and the last 3 years only drew 1 tag. Part of the hunt is figuring this stuff out on your own. But beings how all these videos on how to enter all these states is out there, the lazy and not as serious hunters are plugging all these draws up. I put in for 8 elk tags last year and drew nothing. Only tag I had was a general elk tag for my state which I fortunately killed a 5 pointer. Just my 2 cents. Glad I was able to hunt like I did when I was younger

Live Like You Mean It Outdoors says:

Nice Break Down Randy!

Jonathan S says:

You're telling me no more beer🤔

DPM37 says:

Thanks Randy. Your hunting video are great. They make me feel I'm on the hunt with you. There's a lot to learn about big game hunts. I've been fortunate to hunt white tail deer in Pennsylvania. Hopefully, I'll make it out west (to hunt Elk) some day.
Thanks again!

Luke says:

So, I'm guessing in the neighborhood of about $3K from when I leave MN to when I get back to MN (gas is a pretty big deal at 15 mpg) which includes the usual unplanned vehicle maintenance. Still not bad when an Ontario moose hunt can run $4-6K USD.

tstouder says:

Watching this video, it really makes me feel grateful to live in Colorado already and can take advantage of the resident prices and living 2.5 hours away from my hunting spots.

Paul says:

Awesome video and thank you sharing a great strategy to get a tag and go elk hunting. Now I just have to save up for the travel expenses.

Too bad Idaho is difficult, I have family there which would help with travel expenses.

Bill Pedersen says:

Definitely going through this video a few times – great information. Hopefully we will see you at SHOT?

what's up says:

Randy those examples are FDAMILY trips not just you trip!!!!!!

Jordan_G says:

Us Utahns sad not to at least get a mention. But then again I think Randy has said before Utah does not favor non-residents.

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