Hog hunting with a spear

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James Warren says:

My grandma could’ve hit that and she’s dead I mean how in the hell do you miss something that close👎🏼😵‍💫🙄

FoxCubAMV says:

Oh thank God it's ok 😮‍💨

Dan the Meatman says:

What the Hell man !!!!!! 😳

Yunji Lee says:

Zombie. Screaming

Queen Alifahrain Fun Time says:

Yayyyyy the hog dont dieeeeeee

Adam A says:

Dude you suck

scout Gaming says:

Those are Hogs from Hog rider

Trippy Trippy says:

Bruhhh ray charles could of hit that … dudes aim garbage 🤣

Dylabud B says:

The way the hogs still are just eating after the spear hit the ground are unbothered as if this is a regular occurrence.

Naveed Abbas says:

Undyne vs a bunch of Technoblades

Davyn Ayres says:

Bruhhh how do you miss that

Feralz says:

Hogs: hey Billy make sure you're not under that sharp thing ok.

Butt Scratcher 3000 says:

Ancestor way let's go

Kiewiet Pretorius says:

Stupid video.waste of time.

Sincero_imparcial Imparcial says:

bicho cego da porra

jason bush says:

That's like missing a layup and you're the only one by the goal.

Brandon Martin says:


Taylor Parker says:

Ow how did u miss that easy shot.

Tim V says:

You miss this !! you never have a baby for sure **

uriel septim says:

Billy Madison: "YOU BLEW IIIIT".

Kuyyo Muyyo says:


イニガ says:


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