GRIZZLY CHARGE | SHADOW OF DEATH | Alaska grizzly bear moose hunting, Modern Day Mountain Man

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Every hunter questions how he or she would react if they encountered a charging grizzly bear. While most will never experience it, many who do will tell you when you’re closest to death you feel most alive.


Camdig says:

The world needs more John's. Great film god bless

Wayne Fiebiger says:

Thank you for such action filled videos. This one kept you on your toes a all then way. Thank you

Peace River says:

Well, it's 2:25 a.m. Just finished watching SHADOW OF DEATH. Holy snappin, what an awesome adventure. Tip of the hat to John Anderson for his unwavering commitment to the lives of others.

rods907 says:

Never underestimate a wounded bear( grizzly) that was a round 16 +holes in that bear and it went still a hundred yds after the first few holes in him!! Weren’t baby guns either. Big caliber!!

Edward Gibstein says:

That was great, as all BM's video are-always respectful of the animal, informative and exciting. Thankful to be introduced to John Anderson and hear the love and respect for his father(and respect for Billy). Can't imagine what it would be like in that brush, just waiting for what you both thought was the inevitable. Thank the lord all went unharmed. Outstanding!

StreeterBoyzOutdoors says:

Great show.

rods907 says:

I call those downward tines drop tine.

Michael Rea says:

I've tried to talk this guy, its a hoax. Fuck it i give up

ValcoBayrunner says:

Recover any bullets ? Lesson to be learned, wait for a broad side shot.

Joshua Carpenter says:

Not gonna lie, been waiting for this one Billy. Heck of a show!

Moneyandtime Freedom says:

My heart rate and adrenaline was full tilt watching that. I make it a point to only hunt with those I trust

Robert Gutierrez says:

Mannnnnnn. Great video. Great people.

Josh Taylor says:

Thank you guys for the best hunting content around. Raw and real. No BS.

Eric Lucksted says:

I love your videos Billy. I do have to say, I’m not very impressed with the young lady and her attitude. She was acting as though this hunt was owed to her. Congrats on the successful hunt but that young lady needs to get some things figured out.

Taylor Brook says:

Love these videos I've been waiting so patiently and I'm so thankful billy for you and the footage you give us God bless you and your whole crew.

al oberdorf says:

That young Lady got to experience something that few people (of any walk of life) could ever dream of . The most incredible rush and high, and lows imaginable. The memory and implications of her actions, are forever imprinted in her, and her approach to life. A forever memory. Kudos. We all should strive to be humbled also. Thanks !!

Kevin Roy says:

You Billy and John r amazing true hunters in the most purest sense giving an amazing experience of a life time memory that will never be forgotten you both r men of men LORD BLESS YOU BOTH AND YOUR FAMILIES. I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE MEMORIES LIKE THAT ONE DAY BEFORE MY TIME ON EARTH IS UP

Mike Barone says:

Full respect

Ronnie Hodges says:

After hearing you tell this story a few times, it was great to see the video footage! Thank you for sharing Billy. Always enjoy the content! Hope you and your family have a very blessed 2022! Thanks again Billy!! Btw, beautifully done!!

ken harvey says:

Another awesome awe inspiring video. It had my blood pumping just watching it. I can see why you can't let the adrenaline get flowing do to tunnel vision. As a 22 year veteran fire fighter that adrenaline flowing can and will get you or someone else killed do to tunnel vision from the adrenaline dump. Billy I do gotta ask, why did you not edit in the go pro footage of the bear charging from your point of view?

Dwayne Martin says:

Greatest hunting video on the YouTube!!! In my wildest dreams i hunt with Billy Molls!!!

Kenai Dog says:

I can't wait until Alaska changes the law to make non residents take all the meat home.

gregory h says:

Thanks so much for this Video. Only the Best Hunting Guides do it the Right Way. God Bless you Two Hunting Guides

patrick Hogle says:

Maybe your best work ever Billy! Thank you brother! Without a doubt the highest quality outdoor videos on YouTube.

Gary Woodlief says:

That was a great hunt i am glad everthing turned out ok

Paul Kutz says:

Billy you are spot on about John . John thank you and I’m only a YouTuber. Billy thank you for sharing your life with us.

Idaho Elk Hunter says:

You boys got balls of steel. Knowing he’s in there waiting for you and you can see about 10’.. that’s intense!!

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