Free Ranging CAPE BUFFALO With a HOMEMADE LONGBOW | My Legacy Bow Hunt |

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Taking down a 100% wild free ranging Cape buffalo with a homemade bow is an accomplishment of many lifetimes. Truly one of my most proud moments as An archer and a bow hunter to accomplish such an impossible and down right dangerous feat. I hand made this bow, just for this Africa bow hunt we were planning. I built this bow 110lbs at 31 inches of draw length. Honestly it was a miscalculation on my end which is why it came in so heavy. It suppose to be 80 lbs. But I’m sure glad i made that mistake because we needed every bit of it! 1 shot 1 arrow, no back up shots nothing. Just a Cape buffalo and a stick bow.
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EDITED BY: Jeff Bigler
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Keby says:

john cena :)) they cant see you !! good job !

Kylev87 says:

I enjoy these longer videos of the process and fails not only the hunt that you get a kill.

Daniel Bryant says:

Going to Africa would be amazing. To be able to knock off several bucket list animals in one trip.

Adam Garcia says:

Really enjoy all the content you bring us. What an adventure and its only be getting better with each video. Congratulations Josh on taking a Cape Buffalo with a bow you made!! Just Awesome!!!


I feel you brother. Getting an animal with a bow I've made myself is on the bucket list. You get out exactly what you put in with a stick bow. Great kill. Really a perfect hunt. You had to work for it, you had success, you killed one of the most dangerous animals with a stick bow, AND it was a perfect cull. It doesn't get any better than that.

Devin Green22 says:

That was truly amazing! Congrats on a story of a life time! One can only dream of taking a large game animal with a stick bow and you did it on a beast! Thank you for your absolutely stunning films!

Eric Walsh says:

Most guys are like "I am going to start with my bow but I will bring my rifle just in case". Josh is like "I am going to start with my long bow but I will bring my compound just in case". That is next level stuff.


You must try susbarbatus in indonesia brother

Purist Construction says:

Awesome mate, congratulations! You should probably have given Trent a shout out though with all that home made bow talk. His jigs, forms and oversight probably helped!

Jack rabbott says:

Congrats!! Is the mount going to show the dislocated leg/hip?

ruddert1112 says:

Hahahaahahahahahahhaa you thought 74 was enough👎🏻

J Jenkins says:

I started making wooden self bows before I started hunting. I live in UT and started hunting mule deer a few years ago, I will say that to jump into hunting with a simple stick and string has been one of the biggest challenges/ learning experiences I've tried. I've yet to connect with my bow yet, I hunted three years with it did rifle this last season and got my first antlered big game animal, and I'll go back to the bow for this 2022 season.

Matt Thadd says:

That’s a good point about the animal choosing the hunter. I was brought up with a similar belief.

Brayden Barnett says:

Congrats Josh!!!

Richard VanBoxel says:

Also Josh, what stabilizers are you running?

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