The Last Stand Season 4 – Early Season Coyotes in Idaho Part 1

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We’re back with Season 4 of The Last Stand. In Episode 1, Lucky Duck Predator Pro Geoff Nemnich points his truck towards Idaho and teams up with Rusty Gamble and Craig Sandy to chase early season coyotes. The conditions are tough but the guys hunt hard and experience some success on the first day.

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The Joe Dunnrite Show says:

So i am a predator hunter. I only use hand calls and it works. I am watching these videos where these guys are using electronic callers and calling it hunting. Really? Using an e caller is not really hunting. Its like jimmy johns paying 500k to hire someone to get him an elk. Flipping a switch and sitting on your bottom while the machine chirps away. Really? Make a movie using hand calls. Then you can call yourself a professional predator caller.

Melvin Stewart says:

Getting impossible to find the Riot E caller. Are you still producing this caller?

tom w says:

I enjoy your shows about as much as hunting coyotes. Keep up the good work. You guys are the best.

Bodee Engle says:

This year seems to be great for dogs.

Steven Lord says:

Hello from the UK. Great video guys.
What shell/shot size/choke combination was used to kill the 90 yard + coyote.

Carlo Outdoor says:

Epic video ! 🔥 Good shooting.🐾
Greetings from Mel Kleinhans Safaris South Africa.

Burge says:

Would love to shoot some coyotes we only get red fox in the UK. Good shooting

Chris Gulbrandson says:

What shotgun ammo are you using

The Shootin' Dutchman says:

Yeah baby😄

stretch Jones says:

Iv been waiting for this!

Gerhard Uys says:

I am a hunter from South Africa, now living in New Zealand. Is coyote hunting for pelts? Is there a viable pelt market? Or is it pest control? Although I assume no native species are classified as a pest.

Jake Romey says:

I cant find the podcast on Spotify. I would definitely listen if I could find it. Geoff specifically said it's on Spotify, has there been issues with it on there or something?

Teagon Nienke says:

If you need a hunting buddy and some land in the middle of kansas give me a holler I’ll be glad to help

coin and gold says:

That coyote at 34.11lbs is a far coyote! But if you want big coyote/wolf hybrids that can get upwards of 50~60 lbs come to the Northeastern part of the USA! Vermont and upstate NY, NH and northern Maine! We have some gigons up here! 🐕🐕🐕👍🏻👍🏻

keith loft says:

When you go into a stand how far away do you place the call and how long do you play each sound before switching it up been trying for a year with no luck so far

Walker Evans says:

Been waiting all year for this show to come back! Really gets me in gear for predator hunting

BoilerBones03 says:

Love the show and calls! If you ever drop in the Midwest, be glad to guide you in Indiana!

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