DEER HUNTING PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE SEASON 2021 – 4 BUCKS DOWN on Opening Day – Dad's Big 8 Point Buck!

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Deer Hunting Season 2021. Follow John Royer as he films the opening day of the Pennsylvania rifle season for whitetail deer in Clarion county. John’s dad kills a big 8 point which is also his very first buck! John’s friend Ron, his brother Kale and his cousin Robby also shot 8 points on opening day. Not much action but lots of bucks down in this video! Best year at camp ever!
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Leatherwood Outdoors says:

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Roger Willette says:

Love watching u and your family deer hunt awesome Videos

Preacher Man says:

Nice bucks congrats guys GodBless.

garandguy507th says:

Was waiting for the first day video!! Thank you! Where can someone order your hats?

Dave2393 says:

Great video! Thank you for taking the time to share. We lost out deer camp several years ago. I miss sharing the hunt with all my friends. Enjoy the channel!

Gary Knepper says:

All nice bucks and I’m real happy for your Dad. Good video. Have a good season.

Vonnie Morgan says:

I enjoyed this video.

Big Swole says:

Didn’t go 20!!! Rut Daniels would be proud!

Ron Macdougall says:

Congrats guys and awesome video

Evan Stitt says:

Always have loved these videos growing up and look forward to watching them during hunting season, and year round when my buddies and I get the hunting itch Hunting over in Hawthorne, every time I hear a shot I think “Ron just bagged another buck with that 30-06.”

JDADDY27 says:

What did your dad shoot him with?

ItsSnowy says:

What WMU? I shot a doe in 2f on Monday! Congrats for what you got and good luck in future hunts.

Jayden Ferro says:

Im 16 almost 17 and i Got my first buck sunday being from alaska we only come down here once a year so it was pretty special to get him

Eric T. says:

Great video! Keep them coming, really enjoy watching.


Amen Brother.

Craig Moors says:

What a great first day of Hunting in PA. Ron the legend is back with his 30-06. Can't wait for more video's.

Sergei Spiker says:

Nice shirt of AK-47 but it looks like a 74

Vincent Salentino says:

Awesome video ron is a deer slayer lol !!!

Dane Boro says:

Nice hunt gentlemen!

Cut Em Lose Tv says:

What an amazing day, extremely happy for your father what an awesome buck and he sure deserves it! Congratulations to all!

Just Passin Through says:

Great Deer! That first one that crossed the road looked like a good'n!

Blake Hendrix says:

What part of Mississippi is your family from? Northeast Corner here.

Deer Hunter says:

This is a great video, John. You guys certainly had a lot more success than most and to get four 8pts in camp in pretty incredible. You know I love this channel. I've been a subscriber since you've launched and I love everything you've done with this channel. Something you've said in this video that struck me, was the comment about antler restrictions and how it's paying dividends.
With all due respect- we differ philosophically on the antler restrictions that the state put into place years back. You do a magnificent job of managing your property and have a luxury most envy, but never have an opportunity to experience. You're spot on about QDM and how it can benefit the overall racks people get to enjoy in that long-term strategy, but there's a HUGE difference between having a property like yours while most have smaller private parcels or….relegated to hunting public land (SGL's). I hunt a SGL and saw 2 deer total (does) since the opener. Barely any shooting taking place being reported all over the state.
Our state has done a HORRIBLE job managing the deer population for decades. Antler restrictions are one thing but allocating nearly 1M antlerless licenses this year tells me that the PGC has no regard for the herd management. Out of state license sales have plummeted and folks are just getting out of because they just don't see deer anymore – especially on public land. The PGC feeds everyone the same bullshit line ever year about record harvests etc when we know this is merely an estimate because folks barely report their harvests.

All that said – I still love this channel and have the utmost respect for what you've done to manage a whitetail heaven out there, but you have to admit that what you have on that property, is the exception. Congrats to your Dad on shooting a dandy buck. Looking forward to more videos – especially the flintlock vids that are due to come out here soon. Wishing you the best for the remainder of the season. Get that .30-.40 Krag out and whack a giant like a few years back!

Barb DAlessandris says:

I watch for these videos each hunting season. John is geeat at capturing everyone's ecxitement and Ron is a Legend in our house too. My grandgirls love seeing Pap in the woods, hunting. Keep the traditions alive John. You are the best. Congrats to Rob and Big John and Kale for the 4 Buck set!

david weaver says:

Congratulation to your family on a great hunt.

Melvin Ganoe says:

Yup the antler restrictions are working. Giving the poachers more big bucks I get tired of hearing it. Not to mention I bet you guys would maybe get 3 doe if you were lucky out of all you guys that are hunting if you were in south central pa🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Darrell Haase says:

It's been a long time since I actually took a paper tag into the woods. In Missouri it's all electronic.

Kyle Collins says:

Absolutely wonderful video! Helping others is what its all about. The engraving on your dad's rifle is beautiful.

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