Bowhunting – Big Buck at 4 Yards

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This video covers the awesome late October timeframe hunting public land. The first buck that came by was the one I set my goal to try and hunt. The season is long and there is still plenty of time to get after it.

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Brian Bennett says:

Nice job guys! Thanks

Under The Radar says:

Thanks! Lots to learn from your videos. I tried your one-stick climbing method with success this year.

Russ Clarke says:

Good to see you back! Awesome rut footage.

Jim Ryser says:

Can’t wait to see this!

N. S. says:

Good action on your hunts!

Bill McConnell says:

Great footage. Always enjoy

Greg Miskinis says:

Glad to see your back at it !

Gabriel Garza says:

Awesome video

benjamindurtka says:

Welcome back.

His Grace Saves says:

What happened to the Gearhead?

Tim Kaldahl says:

I was just searching for you last night because I hadn't seen any new videos for a while. Glad to see new content from you. I was worried that you had retired.

David Toms says:

Good to see you back at it Garrett

Time in the Outdoors says:

How do you like filming with the Insta360 one R vs the One X2? I shoot and film hunting and video with the One R I love it over all. Just wish you could zoom better. Would like to know your thoughts. Cheers and keep up the good work!

Brenden Westerfeldt says:

That was more deer than I've seen all season. Looked pretty fun!

Daniel Jessup says:

Can’t wait for the next upload!

51cathedral51 says:

So glad to see you guys again. Ghillie up and face paint kids! Ghillies allow way more movement on the ground! Great footage. The licking branch is a spot that will be historic the rest of your days. You e found the greatest deer sign of all. That can be hunted anytime any phase of the rut. I hope you camera ed it . The cool thing is the biggest of the whole area knows about it as does every other deer in the woods. So cool!!!!!! Great video! Keep them coming! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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