Karen funny man catching & hunting at night &cooking

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1949 Ba Oo Gye says:

Wow,bya lalalala

Believers Ministries says:

Want to join you all, I miss old friend tee blut

Tha poe says:

Na ma bah doe ya tha. I miss my village so much 💔 hope one day I will get to enjoy it too

พอวๅ says:

သူအီၣ်ကသူဘဲမးဘၣ်သးအီၣ်ညါbro ဘၣ်ဆၣ်လဲၤအီၣ်တတုၤဘၣ်😊💙

Saw Mutraw Kaw Lah says:

Delicious food

Paw Tha Moo says:

Delicious 🤤

Bway Say Paw says:


Judy Tertullian says:

Look delicious brothers

Pah Si says:

That’s crazy food my stomach hungry bro

Karen tradition cooking says:

i can smell it through the phone

ehknyaw kaw says:

Enjoy your sea foods or stream foods in the jungle

Poor Love says:

My favorite video like this amazing in my life makes me happy

Hsar Htoo says:

Wow amazing yummy dinner

นิรา มาก็มี says:


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