The Longest Day: Grizzly Bear Hunting in Alaska

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Brendan Burns travels with Will Waldrip and his son Willie to Alaska to hunt grizzly bears. The bugs were fierce, the bears were plentiful, and the action was fast. Sometimes you’re just in the right place, at the right time, with the right people—this was one of those days.

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Sandy Bartlett says:

I'm sad for the bear but those hunters have a lot of guts being that close with a bow

Brennon Joseph says:

Got your back from a 100 yards lol I don’t doubt he could of done it but he probably should of stayed near the camera man lol

Devon Esmailka says:

He better be registered for that unit. I guide for spring grizzlies in those units. Don’t make sense that he’s out in my back yard.

Jeff Barber says:

Great video work and great editing. Damn good bear!

Eric Miller says:

What kind of gun did you use to kill the bear?

임영권 says:

Wow~~ very very big bear hunting!!!
Good video. Thanks so much🍷 😎

andy watts says:

yall look so pretty in ll that new gear

Bobby Ragolia says:

That hit with the bow was intense

Travis VanNoy says:

Hope the camera man got a fat bonus… incredible footage

endtimefreak says:

You would think the hunters would wear camo that better correlates with the terrain…. great hunt otherwise!

CCphotography says:

the cameraman gets "biggest balls on the hunt" award…I would have dropped the cam and run away screaming like a little girl…incredible footage incredible hunt…congratulations.

Rebekah Linton-Allen says:

Amazing hunt! Congratulations to all of you
I’m living vicariously through you guys that are able to do that absolutely awesome video !

Joshua Sanford says:

Glassing on the same day you fly is illegal in Alaska. Glassing is hunting.

Zach Rogo says:

The fucking mosquitos

86 alaskan says:

too bad the kid didn't have more time close on the bear before he shot. Getting in on a big bear and waiting for your chance is one of the most exhilarating things you'll ever experience. great shot, great hunt, nothing like Alaska.

Greg Baker says:

Great video! Even better memories, especially for a father & son!

Curtis Schriever says:

Huge fan of KUIU, first sheep trip planned for September. What is the brand of trekking pole that the guid was using? Looks like a pick of some sort…I like it but can't seem to find anything similar online!

Dave Gifford says:

Brendan what tripod are you rocking? Carbon one with aluminum fittings.

TheSleepyHunter says:

What an experience, congrats!

Valhalla When I Die says:

The sheer freaking will of these dudes and that kid to hikes miles with no sleep for literally multiple days is incredible enough, let alone killing two grizzlies. #respect

TitusTWO11-14 says:

Awesome hunt, though I think a mosquito bit me through my phone screen.

onsight13b says:

What's that tripod and pan head at 2:27?

Jerry Neff says:

The hunt no one would expect… Awesome!

Jason Volk says:

Congrats. Awesome shooting guys.

DBD510 says:

Balls of steel

Richard Crawford says:

Great guiding job by the best in the business! I know because I've been there with him and he's one cool customer when it's"go time"!

Stefenopolis says:

I like how the guides are rocking Barney's bags.

Michael Gilbert says:

Great hunt! Beautiful country. Sometimes a plan just comes together perfect. Thanks for sharing and congrats on those bears!

Ryan Ellison says:

The world needs more Lance Kronberger!

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