Texas Turkey Hunting – Four Birds down!

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The Strut Commander boys take on gobbling Rios deep in the heart of Texas!

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Rafael Díaz Diaz says:

Jijiji very funny and great video

Brick Mason says:

Love Texas hill country..
But please tell me why you don't wash that shirt… Lol..

rayisawesoem says:

They’re so jacked on hormones they legit can’t help themselves. I’m talking about the turkeys.

Hugh Haley says:


Matt Hoon says:

Those things had it coming being stupid like that. "I just heard a loud sound and my bud is dead on the ground. I think we're safe!"

A Pimp Named Slickback says:

Is he making that noise by mouth? If so that's really impressive true show of master hunting skills

Rick Campbell says:

God blessed everyone, the righteous and the unrighteous. Don't be a turkey and follow Jesus, God bless Texas, great video…

Jeff Bedard says:

almost to easy to call hunting lol 🙂

She Flys says:

Nice bird!!

Emilio Gallegos says:

I love the videos guys

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