.50BMG DEER HUNT | Insane Results

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Guys TODAY is the DAY! We busted out the .50 BMG and put it to work! This gun is an absolute animal and the results surprised us! Be sure to check out all of the NEW BP HUNT CO. Merchandise! All of the new MERCH is now live on my website! GO CHECK IT OUT🔥

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Filmed By: @Christian Lee
Edited By: @Christian Lee


Jamie Whitney says:

this is like howmuch blood you would see in a video game

Jaime Soto says:

Should really let his buddies shoot also instead of just hogging the rifle

Aarik Sauer says:

Hey Braydon, love your vids. when will we get an update on the can am outlander bounty hole build? 🙂🙂🙂

Hooked with Hayden says:

Its tenderized

Rob Hopkins says:

Disgusting. Wasted meat. Unethical hunting.

Lakeisha Montgomery says:

Where is the bounty hole bike is

FlinggXO says:

Maybe some maintenance to the stands next for a possible video.

Jay Money says:

It would be cool to see you go to Alaska to moose hunt

coonkiller says:

Never wanted to see something as bad as I wanted to see this deer

jason kipar says:

No respect for killing an animal man you just don’t use a 50 cal in an animal waste of food ect

JT Blakeley says:

Shoot a squirrel with the 50 cal.

Brayden Breaux says:

I kinda want to see what damage that .50 cal did to it

WilldoesBjj05 says:

It’s just feels wasteful using a round like that

Corbin Konger says:

The lisp tho be fire at the beginning of the intro

Brittney Brown says:

I miss the outlander like if you agree

Kaysar Andrews says:

What part of Kansas

Cole_harmon1 says:

I did the same thing as your dad 😂😅


Who else wants a icon build

tech support says:

be the first person to dear hunt with a tank

Kyron burganity says:

“can’t do a youtube video when your scaring the dear outta the whole county”

Louis .G says:

if that deer was still alive you would have put the trail cam pics up.

Dart Richardson says:

Yo you need to ride in river neck

Bradley Cooper says:

I think the at about 20:15 it is true because you send a bullet the size of an expo marker faster than the speed of sound I think you could do that

Cole Wroten says:

I gut shot this morning its organs completely hanging out of it stomach with a 270

Brayden Lowe says:

Cf Moto should send you some of there utvs & atvs too review!

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