Moose Hunt 2021 | Maine Real Estate

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Rick Theriault walks us through the process of his successful 2021 moose hunt.


val loves nature says:

Congratulations! Major flashback with the LaChoy😂

Jamie Bell says:

Looks like Umbazookas Landing on the Nortern end of Chesuncook.

Phil Mcphail says:

Love that winch👍

Andrew Czuba says:


dabprod says:

Excellent!!! Thanks for sharing. I love Maine, wish I lived over there.

Big Freddie says:

Great job Rick…Nice moose.. once the video ends the real work begins Have fun

Mike Carey says:

Good Job, Chesuncook

Harry Yuan says:

Very nice 👍. Can you hunting at your own land?

Ralph Sisk says:

Awesome thanks for sharing 🤠

Mark Berry says:

We’ll done!

Lee Woiteshek says:

Well done. Congrats to you both.

Justin Case says:

What a shame that you would enjoy killing such a majestic creature. I luvv shooting & I luv the unique taste of wild game, even have venison steaks in my freezer right now. Trophy hunters are useless, so I'm glad that you're all going to divide up the meat harvest.

Corkfish1 says:

My land is posted.

69 JUDGE says:

Coming soon to theater near you. 😎🎸

Bill Outdoors says:

chesuncook lake

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