MASSIVE SOUTH DAKOTA BUCK! (Self Filmed at 12 Yards!) – Bowhunting Rutting Whitetails

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Greg has an action-packed hunt in South Dakota and rattles in a massive buck!
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Kenneth King says:

That's a sweet buck…congrats

Austin Baker says:

I’d like to try to get into the saddle hunting been looking into them for a little while now!

WhackumTv Outdoors says:

Sweet hunt always enjoy the content

Keith Comstock says:

Thank you guys for sharing so many amazing videos and sharing all your knowledge by far the best videos on YouTube

shaneluckey09 says:

I'd love to win this giveaway. Best hunting channel ever 👌

dhoiten22 says:

Glad you could come to the black hills and get a big buck!

L S says:

Outstanding job self filming! Love how you are using the 360 too.

Andrew Dean says:

Now this is quality content right here fellas

Cole Maranowski says:

Let’s gooooo!

Isaiah Swanson says:

Really hoping to get into saddle hunting as a college student trying to hunt as much as I can it would really help! Love the videos!

Kody Wenger says:

You guys are the most skillful, hardest working hunters I’ve ever seen! Love all the content you’ve put out ever since you’ve started! Happy holidays to all of you as well!

Mike Powell says:

As a south Dakota resident congrats on the buck

Rogue Applegate says:

Awesome hunt and Awesome content!!!

Chase Treece says:

Would love to win that saddle!!

carter mayo says:

Y’all are the absolute bomb! Love everything you guys do and the content y’all bring to the hunting world! Thank you!

Millican Outdoors says:

The best guys in the hunting industry, hands down!

james bruce says:

The Hunting Public is by far the best hunting channel on YouTube. Don’t miss a video. Would love to saddle hunt next year!

James Judge says:

Great video, thanks 👍🏹🇺🇸

Sumiyati Sumiyati says:

Jo's kang bule n dari indonesia

Amber Bowers says:

My boyfriend would love this his always been talking about trying would be a great Christmas surprise

x4_Aqua_4x is cracked says:

Nice buck. Happy thanksgiving to everyone at the hunting public.

OtherMe says:

Happy Thanksgiving THP Crew!

Blake Pettrey says:

Glad to get back from deer camp after getting a BBD and to get the sit back and watch a new episode

Brayden Plaz says:

THP always finds a way to make every video more interesting each time!

teamflanneloutdoors says:

Greg always delivers excellent video footage! Congratulations👍 Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.

Patrick Barry says:

I've really enjoyed this years' series. So fun to follow along with you guys. The only thing I don't like are the days without new videos 🙂

Bruce Young says:

Greg your videos are so informative thank you so much for the amazing content.

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