CROSSBOW TEXAS HEART SHOT stops the flop on this VA gobbler!!!

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30 yard shot with the Barnett Whitetail STR and Vortex crossfire 2 crossbow scope on this VA spring gobbler. 100gr Swhacker 2 blade broadhead drilled him! Side shot scope cam with iPhone 11 Pro recorded the footage. (I know its not really a Texas Heart Shot… my crosshairs are dialed in at 40 yards and I was using the hash above the main crosshair to aim for a 30 yard spine shot)


MR. NS Minecraft says:

You monster

Maverickmuse_ says:

Karma will catch you, don't worry buddy!
Whatever the purpose was, you killed a living thing!
Go give life to a dead man!

Luna Willhemina says:

Nice shoot !

jakeshot15 says:

What kind of scope is that?

Kris says:

That 🦃 did no harm to anyone. If you really want to kill, shoot some terrorists or kill a 🐅 or a 🦁

Stack Fur TV says:

To be clear, we don’t kill “just for fun!” We do enjoy hunting and try to capture video to preserve the memory but each kill has a purpose. This turkey was processed and eaten!

Steven McBride says:

Oh god you heartless, evil man, how could you possibly do this ?! 😂

Dino Sandino says:

Beautiful in my opinion this is the way of real hunting is, take alot of discipline and concentration i tried once can't stayed still can't control respiration was a chaos for take alot more then pull the trigger at long distance

sandeep reddy says:

Is that heart shot or ass shot..? 😂😂

Domino Diamond says:

At least you got him.
When I shoot them with my 12g they just fly away

Donald Love says:

In da ass 😂

Rookie Hatter says:

What a poor bird ;(

Roman Reings says:

Boom …

michael norwood says:

Guess what? Turkey 🦃 butt!

Tropical Ravi says:

Every living thing loves to live

Tropical Ravi says:

Bad working

Caonabo Castillo says:

Almost an asterisk shot…

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