Bow hunting South Africa with Limcroma safaris

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we had an amazing time with Limcroma here’s the way you can find them
camera: Lumix g7/canon 60d/ Nikon d5200
gopro: hero 5
Instagram @keaton_granger/ @outandabout_outdoors


Helpyouwin says:

I agree with many of the comments below. It would be cheaper though, if you shipped the animal to your house and tie it up to a tree in the back yard and then shoot it from inside your bathroom window.

Au Ngai sum says:

What about taste your own arrow. See how painful it was.

Danny Doughboy says:

Not against hunting, but luring them in! Lazy, cheap way of killing! Poor taste to be called a hunter! Weak showing

Shyam Bikasar says:

Very bed very bed love fuor animals😤

Ben Kollerman says:

Hunt them in the open not while they are drinking

Gabriel Luccas says:

Cadê a parte que ele morre!? 😤👎

Gentil Caetano says:

Estas pessoas não possuem o menor mérito em abater animais sem a menor necessidade. São covardes ao extremo, pois não se arrastão nem um metro dos seus guias armados e não possuem coragem de ir atrás sozinhos dos animais abatidos.
Se intitulam caçadores.

Hy Mai says:

this is not real hunting. Just live target practice.

Imej Sufi Enterprise says:

Cameraman…. gp back and practise. Hahaha

三宫九叔 jiushu says:

not visible to see how it falls

Tasman Tasman says:

Manusia berhati macam apa kalian …binatang sebaik itu kalian bunuh

hamedreza M says:

Stop killing animals,you are not hunters, but killers, I hate seeing your photos with innocent,poor animals

Elton Lee says:

Cruelty, simply cruelty. Sad

Dula Johnstone says:

Just to get the record straight it would be nice to see you distributing the meat to the locals as you hunters always claim…put your money your mouth is..

Dula Johnstone says:

Damn that agonizing music

Avijit Das says:

What kind of satisfaction did u get by killing those beautiful and innocent animals? This is brutal..

mixture of things mixture of things says:

They killed a warthog mum with its young there 😡

Joshua Mawango says:

@3:45 Looks like the monkey made you first lol

Steve Morris says:

So much killing. What a world.

thubelihle phephetha mncube says:

Hunting must be banned, animals want live a happy life ,like human beings,stop animal abuse,its not fun , you don't to show off after killing an animal.


You all are gonna die in terrible ways for do this to those animals, death is looking for You now prepare yourselves.

M.S. says:

No sound. Horrible. I'll never Subscribe.

D Burns says:

Another hunter wannabe. It is a no talent who must hunt over the only water within miles or a bait pile made with a dumptruck full of feed. If you want to be called a hunter, track them, stalk them to within a close shooting distance then take them with a well placed shot that will kill the animal in a quick and humane fashion then use the meat. Thumbs down for slob hunting.

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