Extreme Hunting in Turkey Ch. 1 | Wild Boar Unlimited

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Wild Boar Unlimited is a new series of documentaries dedicated to wild boar hunting around the world. Our objective if to inform and entertain the fans that love hunting this species, with each new adventure, guided by hunting professionals from 4 different countries. In each adventure we will take you to the most unbelievable places, where we will show you how they are hunted and what type of animals they are. You will learn about the culture, and of course, you will see incredible shots. Every year a new country, a new experience, that we will show you in 2 chapters every season.


EdWilsonPhoto says:

LEICA scope priced like a good used mercedes

EdWilsonPhoto says:

lovely to see the gratitude in the hunters.. I got chest pains just watching the hiking.


I like you hunting mr

Jeny Bendil says:

Very cool, greetings from Indonesia

Udo Homscheid says:

Gut geschnitten. 🙂 Schaut euch bei 19:08 die Vergrößerung an, steht bei 2,5 fach. Teufel kann der Kerl treffen. 🙂

Tony Baker says:

Well I wouldn't call it "Hunting". A driven Shoot…not a hunt.

Garry Lyon says:

I would love the opportunity to shoot a boar. Lucky lucky hunters!

Coyote013 says:

You went there to help prevent the overpopullation of the wild boars? Well, with these numers as we saw, this is just nonsense… The whole video is just a cheap knock-off of the wild boar fever.

LudwigsPrecision says:

Nice vid but a lot of BS in it. 300wm? hell no, you don't need that if you know what you are doing.

lucian epure says:

Promo,promo and again promo.I heard 21 times:,,wild boar unlimited,, after promo for HELIX,RWS ammo and LEICA scopes!I have a question: where are those hundreds of wild boars there?THE drive was about 7 km long and i counted 13 wild boars.

David Lescrenier says:

J'espère que le chien n'est pas blessé….

FalconfromRF says:

Wild boar "hunting" in Muslim country is a great option for ones, who see hunting as just shooting and have no any respect for their prey.
In Europe you can legally shoot without respect only crows and magpies, if you hit a boar and go away in Europe you will be fined and can even loose your hunting licence.

Outdoor Sport & Shoot says:

Nice guns!!

Azılı Domuz Avcıları - Fierce Pig Hunters says:

We would like to thank all our hunter friends who came to our country, especially Sinan Mumcu, and contributed to us with such magnificent images. We would like to remember

Luca_21S says:

Great Video, Im happy to see a new concept of hunting videos coming up to us!


Please remember me At 200 subscribers. Can you heart this Comment. Also, I would love to be friends x3

Žurnāls Medības says:

Beatiful landscapes! Wow!

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