Big Buck DOWN! Hunting Over A Hot Scrape!

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Kurt has a few days of awesome encounters with some of his target bucks. After sneaking in early and climbing up a tree in his saddle, a buck he saw a few days earlier makes an appearance and tries to assert his dominance when Kurt calls to him.

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Richard Keith says:

WOW! What a Bruiser!!✌

Chris Burghardt says:

Hey Kurt, congrats on an awesome buck brother!! Would you mind sharing your video setup, I'm looking for a nice camera with low light capabilities and a good zoom, thanks and best of luck the rest of your season!

DanielW26 says:

What sight are you using?

Anibal Gonzalez says:

Congrats My Friend's Nice Big Buck

Sam In the woods says:

Man. Made a couple shots like this before I went heavy grains for pass throughs. Great patients and great strategy.

EJ Zembas says:

Watch out for arrow diameter too if you're changing arrows. A different diameter arrow shaft effectively changes your arrow test hight. With a thinner arrow, it will be running downhill. A thicker arrow will run uphill. A quick touch of the rest up/down would fix it right up.

Great buck Jurt!! And cool story to find his shed just a few days before in the same spot

Joe Van Kilpatrick says:

Arrow speed looked crazy fast!

Ron Macdougall says:

Great vid,congrats

Joey Nguyen says:

“We’re not on TikTok because we aren’t…” what? 😂

Mv Laca says:

congratulations nice shot!

Robert Peters says:

Great buck great shot easy recovery. Great video. Love the racoon spot. Congratulations.

Whitetail Action says:

Great video

Whitetail Action says:

Sounded like a ricochet

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