Turkey Hunting at 90!

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Michele’s 90 year old mother continues her hunting passion by harvesting a beautiful Merriams turkey. 


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Gary pic says:

I met her back in 1992 at the old MUZZY shoots great Lady and family

Patrick Jones says:

Woo!! Awesome!!

stephen Brooksby says:

Oh my God Fred I had tears in my eyes😪😪 what an amazing women ❤ love her to bits…you guys Honestly Rock ❤

Mr. E. says:

Now that's cool………………….

Scott Young says:

Awesome 😀 hope someone will do that for me when I'm 90

Ron Wilson says:

That just awesome!!! Don’t mess with grandma!!!That a turkey hunt you all won’t forget!!! Congratulations

Wen Smith says:

That's awesome, congratulations!!

Sniper do cedro says:

Simplesmente fantástico

Thomas Griffin says:

That smile on her face says it all. Congratulations!

Colby Kinney says:

That was one of the best things I ever watched. 👍

ksportjacket says:

This is the absolutely best video of Mighty momma!! Soo absolutely fun…Congratulations Barbara!!! Nailed it!! Great job everyone

John Rankin says:

So glad she had a great time hunting together with you both.

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