How to hunt black bear

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How to hunt black bear either by yourself or with a group using either a bow or a gun. These tips apply especially to places that do not allow baiting.


John Ciliberto says:

You can tell when I've been eating a lot of corn by my scat2

John Ciliberto says:

I hunt Luzerne County PA it's my favorite thing to do

coin and gold says:


1234 says:

First time I'm hunting bear soon here in VA. This video is giving me more confidence around the subject. Thank You Sean.

Kaido Ojamaa says:

Good informative video.

Pennsylvania has a larger population of Black Bears then New York State does.

As well as that the Black Bear's generally are often larger in size in Pennsylvania then in NYS .

However Pennsylvania's Bear Hunting seasons are much shorter then New York State's extensively long various Bear hunting seasons.

While New York State law prohibits Baiting, however the use of 1.5 oz of Liqued Attractants is legally allowed.

As far as expanding bear hunting oppourtunities. Maybe there should also be a "Special Bear Handgun" Hunting" season".

Hunters should annually update their knowledge base of all changes in all applicable regulations and laws.

Robert Philips says:

Hey Sean! is there an easy way to get a bear you killed out of the woods if you're by yourself?

Alexander Marino says:

Nice video I want to get into bear hunting, but in West Virginia

Nathan Muckala says:

Come up to Minnesota someday and hunt bear. 😉

James McDermott says:

From PA thanks for the helpful video Sean!

Isaac Gilara says:

This video will be good for me. I happen to live in Pennsylvania as well

A Person says:

To clarify for New York hunters if this has changed since this video was made. For black bear you are not allowed to use bait, however you are allowed to bring up to 1.5 fl oz of scent lure with you. The only exception might be the usual weird WMUs around NYC.

Dale H says:

Sean… Where abouts are you in Pennsylvania? I'm down near Hershey and have had a really hard time finding black bear unless I travel a few hours north. Just curious.
Either way, great content! Thanks.

Luke Morahan says:

Been hunting bear for years now in PA. This is good information. We drive the laurels swamp and the mountain for bear. Wind is important. Funnels are important. They will slip back through the drive if not done right. If you have fresh snow and cut a track the chase is on. If you cut a track going into the swamp send a scout around the perimeter if it’s not exiting the swamp you know it’s inside. Drive it normally and keep the best tracker on the track no matter where it goes. The shot will be close mine was at about 12 yds and I had about 2 seconds to shoot. Good luck!

Sebastian seibers says:

Where the best place to go bear hunting in East Tennessee?

Alex Blankenship says:

Hey Sean I am looking forward to this coming season for bear, and am just wanting to get started studying early. I just moved here form Tennessee to over near Johnstown Pa to start my dream career as a camp ranger. But being this new I don't really know what parts of the state to hunt for bear. Don't mind driving a bit, would you mind giving me some suggestions on some public lands that would be a good option.

Eric Mortimer says:

Hey Sean, great video.
Pennsylvania hunter here so the information was very useful. Thanks

Nathan Watt says:

Subscribed and will try to check out some books or dvds when you get then God bless bro

Tom Selick says:

I’m very interested in how you read topo maps. Studying the lay of the land and trying to figure out how game use it to there advantage has become a huge off season hobby of mine over the last few years… I also hunt big state land in southern ny👍👍👍

Tyler Ertley says:

If a bear is charging at me. And I shoot it. Will it keep charging at me? Or will it back off and run Away????

Tyler Ertley says:

I got a chased by a bear on sunday!!! Now I got my bear license!!

Elijah Harkless says:

first off very helpful thank you but also you look like lord farquaad bro

Jeff Smith says:

Is there anyway I could draw bears to my property

John New says:

Hey Sean. I know this is an older vid but it still helped me a lot! TYVM again for another great vid!

Nicholas Grubbs says:

Is using scents and attractants like vanilla considered baiting is it illegal ?

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