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Can you harvest a deer with a $50 bow??? Find out in this video!
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Mike H. says:

Blair Witch THP mashup!

Dusty Davis says:

I'd like to see you kill one with 2 fingers and a release glove.

James Harper says:

Need to take that to Ranch Fairy and kill some pigs!

Stephen Manukas says:

Killed my first deer with a PSE Phaser II, aluminum arrows and either a Thunderhead or Razorbak broadhead. I also owned a Baker treestand, so I'm one of the survivors who wasn't killed in that deathtrap. Had a buddy who was 30' feet up in a Baker and the platform fell all the way to the ground. Good times!

Stephan Schry says:

"This bow is SLOW…I mean you could outrun it!" Hahaha awesome hunt.

Dan Fegan says:

I'm one of the old guys , 74 . I used a Graham Dyna bow in 1980 . Congrats on the nice doe . I'm still hunting , good luck from Kansas.

LAPD SgtMurtaugh says:

Love this vid

Rossdafareye Music says:

You know they are struggling when they posy videos shooting does… boys I love it and I'm only messing with ya.

Brandon Savage says:

I felt like I was watching a film made with 1986 video equipment too!

Darren Miller says:

Lol that was great! My dad is 79 and bought his in the 80s and still killing deer with it today.

NoOb_4502 says:

This Is my hunting partners main bow❗❗ he kills every year

Wild River says:

Killed my first couple deer with a old browning mag-flex… Classic

underdog outdoors says:

Hey!!! I'm an old guy & 35 years is still like yesterday to me. Be careful what you call old, you're generation is made up mostly of spoiled whiners without jobs & I'm jealous.

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